A dedication to my Mom

This post, is dedicated to my Mom. 

I was a terrible kid growing up…I know that now.   I see that I pushed, prodded, and pried away at my Mom’s patience while in my teenage years.  Yet my Mom remained strong…held her ground, and didn’t let me get away with CRAP. 

My Mom is probably the strongest woman I know.  She started at the very bottom of her career latter, and worked her way literally to the top.  Damn, I wish I had her strength.  She never let us see her “sweat” instead she kept working, striving, and always accomplished her goals.  Now at the age of 60 she is the President of her own company, and I couldn’t be more proud.

I remember many moments where I pushed her patience.  Some of these moments resulted badly…but we learned from each situation. 

And now, as my girls pry away at what little patience I have, I can only hope to have half the strength of my Mother. 

I need to suck it up…stop feeling sorry for myself, and work towards a better tomorrow. 

I have goals.  Dreams.  Desires.  Only I can make these things come true.  I may not be where I am meant to be now…but I’ll get there.  I really will. 

I used to cry nearly daily…yes, I am a emotional creature.  But I am learning to withhold my emotions, and keep, moving, forward.  I have only cried once in the last month, yay me. 

Praying the snow lets up so I can get out for a run this week.  What’s even better is I have girl’s night planned for Friday to have dinner with my BRF Carolyn. 

Life, is hard…but it’s good.  Thanks, Mom…you’ve taught me more than you will ever know. 

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