Day 2 of 365…Rarely a wordless wednesday

I recently embraced my addiction to running shoes…and gear…these are just last year’s purchases.  Yes, there will be more.  My latest addition are my awesome trail shoes which I LOVE. 

Tonight was day 2 of my 365 days of working out, and WHAT A WORK OUT. 

I leave you with these thoughts. 

Follow YOUR dreams.  No one else’s…Don’t let the negative aspects or lack of support get you down, for there is support out there…
Did I mention, follow YOUR dreams?  Ok…just checking. 

Signed up for my 3rd race last night…the Fox Valley marathon to which I reaffirm my love for running, and runners alike.  I don’t know if I will run the half or full, but I am running my hometown race by gosh.  No one can stop me!

7 thoughts on “Day 2 of 365…Rarely a wordless wednesday”

  1. Yay for the new trail shoes! I have been using mine this winter to run in the snow. And my Yak Trax sometimes, too. Not that we had have much snow…


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