Day 11, Fun facts

Day 11

Friday Fun facts…

1. I started running in 7th grade as a way to ‘free my mind’ after suffering from depression.
2. I joined the Air Force at the age of 18, and proudly served 20 years and am now a retired Master Sgt.
3. I have been through a lot in life (haven’t we all) but I choose to keep moving forward and don’t let the BAD outweigh the good anymore.
4. I turn 40 NEXT week, and have 2 amazing daughters and am married to my soul mate.
5. I love to run, and work out…If my knee holds out, I will run my second FULL marathon in October, 2013.
6. I love to motivate, inspire, and help others.

I ran alone tonight for the first time…and sadly I will say I won’t do it again in the dark.  I couldn’t find my footing, my groove, my anything…it was scary and although I had my head lamp I found myself looking over my shoulder far too much…But I did get my miles in, so for that I am thankful. 
It’s been a hard week; I suppose the eve of my upcoming birthday has me at odd.  If I hear “only 40” one more time I may snap.  I am having a hard time with it, and that should be allowed, right? 

I suppose it is why I laced up my shoes tonight even though my husband didn’t want me to…But I comforted him with the fact I would use my runtastic pro app so he could track where I was at…he got nervous when I hit a stop light, paused, and then accidentally turned my app off, LOL.  Thankfully I restarted it…

I running my longest “long run” tomorrow with a couple of friends I have met through training last year…looking forward to it, even though I am slower than they are.  Bring on an 8 miler to start the weekend right!

Please say a little prayer for my youngest who is running a fever, and has been for the last 2 days…Bless her for still smiling and being her happy little self. 
With that, I will leave you with this.  Hang on to those who pick you up, know you best, and support you constantly.  I have met so many new friends, and have time honored friends I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I have gotten so much support from them these last few weeks that I kick myself for worrying about a silly birthday. 

Rock on, Movers…life is too short. 

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