Day ONE of 365…

Happy New Year, gang!!!


So I am starting this year off, well, differently.  I don’t have a specific SET goal, other than hoping to double my mileage from last year with biking and running.  Last year I hit 657 miles, so hoping to hit 1300 this year.  I don’t know if it is doable with my schedule, but I sure will TRY. 

My fitness goals are big…I have decided most importantly to eat better, live better, and work harder.  This being said, I hope to do this BOTH mentally and physically.
I didn’t run today, but since my goal this year is to work out EVERY day, I did a small circuit training in my living room.  Yes, that is how I often roll.  🙂
25 pushups
25 squats
100 situps
25 push ups
25 squats
3 sets of bicep curls.
3 sets of tricep extensions
100 situps.

I have always struggled with confidence, and now as I am in the month of my 40th birthday, that lack of confidence has been knocking repeatedly at my door.  I need to learn to better stand up for myself, yet be kind in doing so. 

I need to stop letting people hurt me, and take my own advice. 

I need to start believing more in me, for the rest will follow. 

I need to stop listening to the people who may doubt me, yet never have taken the time to know me.

I need to recognize those who aren’t truthful with me, and just stop, stinkin’ listening to them. 

I need to decide to hang on to the good, and let go of the bad.  I preach it, now I need to do it…

I need to move forward with my dreams of writing a book, AND a cookbook, and quit putting it off until I have time-because I’ll never HAVE time, I have to make the time. 

I need to clutch on to those who have supported me not only this year, but continually throughout my life. 

I wanted to run today with all my running pals.  But I woke up in a funk I couldn’t shake.  It was 10 degrees, and my one pair of running tights were wet in the dryer when I got up at 8:45…I don’t want to take the decorations down-and haven’t…I am nervous about the upcoming year at work, be it current job and new.  I am trying to overcome the “over the hill” birthday that is right around the corner.  Ok…rant over.  LOL

So a few months ago I made a Facebook page filled with motivation, workouts, and recipes.  I didn’t think this page would grow…its quite simple actually.  But tonight I hit 1000 likes, and I can’t help but to be proud.  I am proud that I have put forth so much effort into the page, and more so proud I have helped support my fellow fitness and motivation pages.  It’s been quite a fun journey.  If you want to check it out, search “Movin’ it with Michelle Running, Recipes, and Real life adventures.” 

Here’s wishing you ALL, a very happy, blessed, and prosperous year.  I appreciate the unending support my family and friends have given me.  Tomorrow.  Is.  A. New. Day. 

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