T-6 days…really? The hay is in the barn.

I know you will all be happy when this journey has found it’s finish so these countdowns will end, LOL. 

But in all honestly I am amazed by the rollercoaster ride this training has set me on in life.   And more so I wouldn’t trade the journey for the world.

I have found more strength in my heart and physically than I thought possible. 

I have met amazing friends while training that have helped me so much!

I have regained my self-esteem somewhat, and that is huge. 

I have realized who truly supports me, and the people that are just are fair weather friends. 

I have let some dreams go by the way side while training, but I know those dreams still await me.

I have listened and taken so much advice, and am thankful for Tylenol tonight.  Who’d of thought this magic little pill would take away my pain?  (Me not being a pill taker, this is awesome to find out!)

I have received my new knee brace in the mail, and am completely stoked. 

I have spent the weekend with my family and friends, and couldn’t honestly ask for more in life. 

I have stopped feeling sorry for myself, and have realized that only I can find my inner strength. 

I have allowed myself to lie on the couch and be lazy while watching football with my husband, and catching up on shows I haven’t watched in years.  I was in tears watching Grey’s Anatomy series premier from last week…WOW…

The pattern in this post is simple.  I HAVE.   No more what ifs, maybe someday or when the time is right…


So today after spending a lazy afternoon in my jammies I cleaned the house, did laundry and allowed myself the time to cook a nice dinner for my family.  While the hubby prepared steaks to grill, I made brown rice infused with Spanish saffron, garlic, green peppers, jalapeño, red onion, black eyed peas, and basil.  This was all sautéed in bacon which of course makes it better!  Everything was organic, and I drained the grease from the bacon so made it a touch healthier.  I added a side of steamed broccoli and dinner was served.  YUM.  My next goal is to write my own cook book…stand by!

Lastly I will say this. 

ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????????? 

Best of luck to all my friends running on Sunday.  May you find your pace, feel the wind on your back, and your mind at peace.

The hay is in the barn. 


9 thoughts on “T-6 days…really? The hay is in the barn.”

  1. Well, not being a farm boy, I had to think for a minute what you meant by the title of your post. Ok, so I really only had to think for about a second……oh, never mind, I got it right away….The next few days are going to seem endless, but then you'll be pinning that number to your shirt and the realization of both how far you still have to go AND just how far you've come will hit you simultaneously. You're so prepared, Michelle, and yet you're going to learn so much about yourself in Chicago……I, for one, cannot wait to read all about it, and I hope you know that the distant cheering sounds you'll be hearing will be me all the way from Boston!I hope you have a great week….enjoy what's left of your taper, and get psyched for a truly magical day. You've put in all the work…..now it's time to enjoy the parade! :>)


  2. Haha, i like that saying – The hay IS in the barn! Sounds like you are mentally ready for this marathon, and thats the hardest part – you will be surprised at how everything just falls together when you have the right attitude!


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