T-9 days…wow…

Ok, so I moved here last year and told my sister she HAD to do a marathon with me before I turn 40…she just HAD to…Although I have been running for nearly my whole adult life, a 13.1 distance was the farthest I had ever gone.  Ever. 

So back track now after one marathon that I registered for in 2010 and wasn’t able to complete, to now…8 months later and I can’t help but to smile. 

I will remember February 1st, 2012 for quite some time as this day was the day I made a choice, and haven’t turned back.  (See my post here on the night before signing up-http://chellesjourneys.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-got-thistomorrow-is-day.html

Bobbi and I planned it to get on the phone right when registration opened, and do it together.  Pretty darn epic if you ask me.  J  One…two…three…CLICK!  It was pretty cool. 

So now my mind is going in a million directions…

Where my mind is at just over a week out:

-Need to get my massage, and ASAP…my therapist is an expert in sports massage.  Have one scheduled for Thursday and she may squeeze me in tomorrow for an hour or so. 

-Keep the legs moving, even if it’s just walking/biking etc.  I don’t want to tighten up now.

-Focus on the health of my knee and IT band (which loves to aggravate my knee).

-Ordered my new brace, just waiting for it to come in.

-Broke down and ordered the CORRECT skirt with shorts underneath, just in case I happen to fall, I SURELY don’t want to flash everyone…GAH. 

-Reach out to fellow runners, family, and friends.  This is something I’ve dreamt of for AGES.  Since I was a kid.  This will be my moment, and no one better understands than fellow runners. 

-Remember that even if I get to a hard point in the race, my awesome friend Andrea (DO EPIC SHIT) will be down there at the 20 mile mark with promises of beer and Ibuprofen.  No, really.  J 

-Stalk the weather, but only in order to prepare NOT to stress.  Everyone talks of their love to run in the rain, and I am sadly not a fan.  But I will make the most of whatever Mother Nature gives us…(just please, NOT 90 degrees, and NOT pouring rain…I will say sure to sprinkles-K?)  Today Accuweather showed highs of 50’s and NO rain.  YAHOO!  Although I need to find sleeves as my outfit is a tank and skirt…

-Got my hair done.  Yeah, even if I look like I want to die, at least my roots are good to go. 

Last minute thoughts…

Thankfully I am very organized, so getting things together won’t be an issue.  I am thankful I signed up for a few races over the spring and summer so I could be more of a prepared “racer.” 

I am still in awe of the support I have gotten from my fellow runners through dailymile, my blog and the Fox Valley marathon crew. 

Lastly, while driving home from work today and embracing all of the beautiful fall colors the Midwest provides, I worked on envisioning myself finishing this marathon.  Often times I wonder, “Can I do this?” instead of saying, “YOU CAN DO THIS.”  So I pictured my sister, my friend Kyla and myself crossing the finish line…in doing so I had to choke back the tears.  No more self-doubt…nope.  I have trained, have listened to my body when I was hurting, and have prepared to the best of my ability.  

T-9 days…I got this…

7 thoughts on “T-9 days…wow…”

  1. Well you have the most important part down. The mental part. You do have this. Just remember if things get tough you are stronger than you think you are and we are all behind you.


  2. I'll be thinking of you as we are running on the same day!Chicago is a good one. The crowd support was amazing – get ready for lots of cowbells!The year I ran it is was super cold at the start. Looks like you should have a better day. I'm with you on running in the rain; not a fan.Can't wait to hear all about the race. You'll do great! Enjoy the taper this week!


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