T-11 days…’Almost’ Wordless Wednesday

Busy day at work.

Both kiddos coming down with…something.

Wish I lived in a bubble. 

Mind is full of, well crap.

Did a small fitness work out today.

Contacts, are, well, weird.  Today was my second evening of testing them out.  What the hell, a piece of plastic on my eyeball is supposed to feel normal?  Gosh I hope soon cuz I loath glasses. 

Tomorrow is my “let us squash your boobies” appointment to make sure the lump I felt was nothing.

Tapering, well, sucks.  Although gives your body the rest you need, I find it makes me feel lazy.  I am NOT lazy.  But resting is key.  Did what I could today.

Yup.  That’s it. 

Thanks, Jessy, for this…

6 thoughts on “T-11 days…’Almost’ Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Google "IT Band exercises" & you'll find the "clam" & probably the "bridge" & the "fire hydrant".My trainer had me doing lots of lunges but with better form.Doing less of them in correct form is better than doing a lot in bad form.IT Band injuries stem from weak glutes/hips. I wouldn't do too much to the IT Band since we're so close to the race but a good sports massage targeting that area should help. My massage therapist calls it "cross friction" massage.


  2. I am starting to taper today. I think I will be swimming a lot the next week. T-10 days and we will get our first look at the temps for the marathon! Good luck at the appt. tomorrow.


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