Mid Week musings…

Life has a funny way of working itself out, even when we aren’t sure of the path that’s been chosen for us…yet often times I find myself questioning this path, I have to be confident I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

I am still struggling with ‘things’ and I have found myself a little out of sorts lately trying to find my way.  Yet I try to use my commute to and from work to think, reflect, and plan for my future-even if it’s just that particular day.  Yesterday I thought I’d try a new “quicker” way to work, which led me to hit every red light, construction, and traffic up the wazoo…and that was the start of my ‘clears throat’ wonderful day. 

So today I knew I needed to take my comfortable route, and one that gives me beautiful scenery and time to think…My only stretch of interstate is highway 88 for about 8 miles, and as I made it through about my 6th mile on the interstate I got a text from my husband…”Look to your left…”  I was confused, and looked over to see him driving along side of me…CRAZY coincidence as we take a very different route to work minus that stretch of highway.  I smiled, waved, and prayed my day would be better for having been able to see his smile. 

I’ve been emotional lately…maybe just me being confused in my role at work, or maybe the specific instances that tend to happen too often.  So driving home today I was listening to “Red Rag top” by Tim McGraw and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t choked up…yet there on the corner of Rt. 31 and 3rd street in Geneva I just happened to look to my left, and there was my husband smiling, AGAIN.  WOW…Yup, although times may be hard, I am where I meant to be…

Yesterday I needed to get my run in as I know I’ll be out of town this week for our family reunion.  Did I want to remain on the recliner and just close my eyes?  Heck yeah…I waited an hour and no relief in the temperature so at 7:30 I hit the trails near my house.  I don’t like these trails, but they get the job done…

I have a new found love affair with ‘Nathan’…who is Nathan you ask after I’ve just gushed about my husband?  Nathan is my water bottle that I loath to carry with me on runs, but who keeps me hydrated at the same time.  I brought him with me, and he gave me the extra fuel I needed to get my 4.25 miles done, and with an 8:44 mile to wrap up my run.  Average 9:10 pace.  I love pushing myself on these short runs, and it’s improved my long runs tremendously.   HELL YEAH.  I’ve logged almost 500 miles since starting my training, so I am pretty proud of that!

I’ve now packed and gotten ready for our trip to Minnesota tomorrow, and even packed my running gear.  I hope to get at least one run in at the hotel.  I have 12 miles due on Sunday, and hope I am able to get it done after a 7 hour drive. 

Most of all, I can’t wait to see some family members I haven’t seen in years.  Nothing better than family in my book!

Happy Hump Day! 

13 thoughts on “Mid Week musings…”

  1. You keep pushing through, even when the going gets tough and you do not feel like it. That is the best we can do! Keep it up Michelle. Have a safe and fun trip! xoxo


  2. Hello there! I'm a new fan and follower and just wanted to stop in and say that I love your motivation and goal of running a marathon! I'm in that long, crazy journey as well! I also love your writing style, as I'm a wanna-be novelist myself. Your thoughts flow nicely and the humor that you add is great! Love that you named your water bottle! Ha! Sounds like something I would do! In fact, my name is ALSO Michelle. . .are we twins separated at birth or something?? 🙂 Glad to meet you! Can't wait to read more and get to know you better! (From Couch Potato to Marathon Mom) Have a fantastic week, lady!


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