Friday Fun Facts

Friday Facts

Two days til my second ½ marathon! 

My Garmin is charged….

I am tweaking my play list…

I pick up my race packet tomorrow!  WHAT??

I have broken off most of my nails in anticipation…

I have had the hardest, yet most eye opening week to date since I have retired from the AF…I will take this information and strive to get stronger. 

I took an extra rest day to nurse my knee, and am happy for this decision. 

I should clean tonight, but I read for a couple hours instead, and just finished my pre-1/2 marathon pedicure…done by yours truly. 

I was able to have a heart to heart conversation with my husband tonight…he’s been gone for over 4 months now, and our time “together” has been limited…this is just what I have been needing. 

Ultimately, as I have said in the past it is about the lives you touch, and the lives that touch you that make the moments we turn into memories. 

Praying for a great race with my sister and my friend Carolyn cheering me on. 

I truly, could not ask for more in life…

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun Facts”

  1. You know you will rock it…the pre race jitters are the worst.I signed up for my 3rd HALF marathon a couple of days ago…It will be on July 4th! (6:30 am start)I am eating horribly today but starting tomorrow I am up to the running and eating better challenge til then. ;-)Can't wait to hear your recap.


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