Thursday Thoughts.

I ran my fastest mile today.  After what could have been a horrible day…but I ran, and I pushed. 

My Jeep died right after I dropped my daughter off at daycare.  Today we were slammed at work, and I knew it from planning ahead-and I just HAD to get to work…I cried, slammed my hands against the steering wheel, and buried my face in my hands while not being able to get my Jeep to GO.  I texted my handyman, Jason, and he came to my rescue.  I was beside myself with gratitude.

I made it to work, and was overwhelmed with the amount of work we had today to accomplish.  But I work with a great team, and we made it happen.

I drove home, tired, groggy, and just wanting to lie on the couch.  But I didn’t do just that…

I came home, changed clothes, and fed my kids.  Kissed them gently and headed to the trails.

I put all my energy into this run.  The first two miles were ‘ok’ and I worked on finding my true focus.  I thought about my past, present, and future.  All of the friends who have supported me, all of the people who have truly been there for me through yet another stint away from my husband, and all of the things that truly make me joy.

My race

My feet

My pace

My beat

My trail

My run

My sail

My sun

My light

My goal

My sight

My soul

Bring on the weekend guys…xoxo

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts.”

  1. Love it! So glad you ended up having such a triumphant run Michelle. I am so proud of you. We can turn those days filled with frustrations, fatigue, and stress, and turn them into something positive and something to be proud of. I am so proud of you, keep on running my dear friend!! XOXO


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