My summation of this Sunday…

I woke up with a killer post massage headache…the kind where you feel you can’t lift your head off the pillow and want to cry but won’t because well, that will make your head hurt worse…So I got up and took some meds, drank water, and laid back down for about an hour.  Thankfully Sophia was patient and let “momma rest.”  I had thought about doing NOTHING today, just lying in our jammies and watching movies sounded quite nice.  But the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds and I knew we needed to get OUT. 

So we all got showered, dressed and ready and decided we’d hit the Fox River to feed the ducks/birds.  We shuffled through the pantry to find what crackers and other items the birds could eat had gotten stale, and packed up the Jeep and headed out.  It was 68 degrees today, and I was in heaven. 

With crackers in hand, we headed down to the river and had a BLAST.  It was just what we all needed after a long week. 

We decided to hit up a pizza place we hadn’t gone to yet, and had a late lunch/early dinner.  I was “being good” and ordered a salad for myself and pizza for the girls.  But WOW, it smelled so good so I snuck two small pieces.  This was around 3:30 in the afternoon, and I thought for sure I would be fine to run in the evening around 5:30…I had 4-5 miles scheduled, and was looking forward to running outside. 

After eating, we walked for another good hour, and decided to head home.  I changed in to my running gear, strapped on my Garmin and IPod, and headed out.

The first mile was ‘ok’…and I know I pushed it too hard with a 9:46 pace.  Second mile the wind started to wrap it’s deathly arms around me, and the small hills in my neighborhood kicked my ass.  I moved up to around 10:04…with the looming undigested pizza in my stomach, I knew 4 miles wasn’t going to happen.  Not today.  So I called it at 2.6. 

Although not what I was gearing for, I at least got out there and ran. 

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend!

14 thoughts on “My summation of this Sunday…”

  1. I can NEVER pass on pizza when the kids have it…way too yummy;)yeah, similar day…love it, right? makes it all worthwhile and puts things in perspective…hey, at least you got a run out of it afterwards, right?a wonderful weekend it was!!


  2. I'm so glad you had such a great day!Ok, you HAVE to slow down. HAVE TO. What is your goal marathon pace? How fast do you think you can finish it, realistically? Long run pace should be that + 60 to 90 seconds. No sprinting your long runs!Not trying to be a pain, just trying to get you to a place where you can finish your long runs successfully…love you…


  3. My long run was doomed from the pizza sadly. I normally run a 10 min mile, so this wasn't speedy at all. Sprint? No way…lol Heck, back in the day I was closer to 9, so I suppose I am just trying to find my comfort zone, I'll get there!


  4. Your kiddos are just precious, and I love the pictures of the geese. Pizza, tacos, chili…they kill me on a run! Even sticking it out for the 2.6 is a triumph in my book. 🙂


  5. I'm just saying pay attention to your pace. You ran a 2:19 half. That's a 10:40ish pace. That suggests that you coud run a full in just under 5 hours. That's a 11:15ish pace. Your long runs are SUPPOSED to be slow. Save the speedy runs for midweek :)And I KNOW you'll get there!


  6. What an awesome little trip with the kidlets…and what a great way to spend time with them. You are awesome…who cares if you didn't get your full mileage in…the time spent with the kids is way worth it. 🙂


  7. good job getting out there and running……who cares what the schedule says……sometimes it's more important to do a little than to do nothing at all!Keep up the good work, Michelle!


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