Typical Tuesday

I am still getting used to this single parent gig.  Although sadly having done it dozens of times it should be old hat…yet, sadly, it isn’t.  My husband is my supporter, helper, friend, Dad, and the best husband I could ask for in life. 
So I have gone back to my roots in this running journey and life as a whole.  Preparing meals ahead of time the night before even though school work is calling my name.  My nights are short, and days even longer, but knowing my strength I know I will plug along.  Laundry, chores, mopping, cleaning, homework, kid’s homework, and oh yeah, my job all have their place in my life.
While trying to keep on our frugal budget I have made a menu that although some may say boring, is health full and provides me with the sustenance I need to get through each day.

I start by boiling a hand full of eggs (oh and the bacon from my previous post).  I bring 3 eggs whites with me, along with a piece or two of bacon to work for breakfast.

I make sure to discard the yolks, knowing I have a family history of high cholesterol.

Next I season with some wonderful seasoning we bought at a local spice store, in Geneva, IL.  Salt free!

Now it’s time to assemble my sandwich.  I use whole grain mini rounds I bought from Costco, that are super healthy with fiber and vitamins.  I also use fresh romaine lettuce, red onions, dijon mustard, colby cheese, and hard salami.  I know all of these elements are NOT fat free, but collectively make for a healthy meal. 

Romain lettuce, trim the ribs off!
red onions give a bit of zip to this sammich, yeah, sammich
Hard salami and dijon mustard are a winning hit!

colby cheese!  my favorite, and easy on the tummy!

whole lotta YUM!

Add in some fresh baby dill pickles and your meal is balanced and complete.  I also enjoy munching on baby pea pods for a healthy snack!

My goal this week is simply to surpass my mileage from last week by a mile or so.  Finals are looming, single Mom duty is in full force, but I can at least try to eat healthy, and exercise for me, and my girls. 

love and blessings to all that take the time to support me.  I couldn’t do this without those who keep me close. 

3 thoughts on “Typical Tuesday”

  1. that must be hard tackling everything – a mothers life is truly chaotic! and it takes a lot just to tell your brain to "shut up = I've got this" I want to make that sandwich…but I'll leave the yolks in – as I love them YUM!


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