My "Passing" on Superbowl Sunday (and how we filled the day instead)!

Most people look forward to Superbowl Sunday, I on the other hand had mixed feelings this year. 
By most Sunday’s, Superbowl, and every other Sunday we plan on watching football, our fridge is packed full of snacks and goodies to enjoy during the game.  We’ve done this every year for the last 8 years.
But today, well, I just wasn’t feeling all festive and game like, so I passed.

Instead the girls and I decided on a yummy yet easy brunch.  To start off with, we preheated the oven to 400 degrees because I bake my bacon to reduce some of the fat, or at least it helps my conscience. 

Next I got my baking rack and pan ready by double lining with foil.  (Makes for an easy clean up!)

Lastly I sprayed my pan with non-stick spray, another helpful tip for quick and easy clean up!

Now…it’s time for the BACON!!!  I always buy the thick cut type, as it seems less fatty…
Spread in side by side in the pan, not worrying if the edges touch because it will shrink…

Bake for around 20-25 minutes, flipping halfway through.  Remove from oven and pat with paper towels.

When this perfection of yummy slightly crunchy yet not rubbery bacon is done, it will look like the photo above.  (Sadly I could eat this whole pan, yet refrained…keep reminding myself of the 5 lbs I just CAN’T lose…hmm, wonder why?)

While the bacon is cooking we worked on the eggs.  We are “fried hard” egg girls all the way, so it’s quite easy.  Preheat your non-stick pan (I’ve had the one pictured for nearly 20 years, and it’s my favorite for eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches!) for a minute or two on medium, and add non-stick spray.  Crack in two eggs, breaking each yoke carefully.

Add a pinch of kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, and cook until almost done.  Flip only once. 
Once cooked all the way through add a sprinkle of shredded cheese and voila!!!

Brunch is served!!!  The girls and I love this simple go-to breakfast. 


Once brunch was eaten and the dishes were cleared I puttered around the house, and thankfully got a call from my neighbor to help me fix our broken door handle.  It looks great!

The sun was out, birds chirping, and I got the itch to run outside in the beautiful 45 degree weather.  I wanted to complete my ‘long run’ (4 miles for this beginner), yet my quirky knee started to get pissed at around the mile and a half mark, so I stopped at 2.26 miles. 

Trying my best not to get discouraged, and keep on plugging along.  I have a few WONDERFUL supporters who read my blogs, fb posts, and texts about my current mileage.  I am very grateful…
So tonight, with the Superbowl in full force, and my husband in Ft. Lee, VA (thankfully watching the game with his buddy), I will nurse my glass of wine, and apply even more Blue-emu to my crying knee. 

Love and blessings to you all!  May next week be all you hope for…


9 thoughts on “My "Passing" on Superbowl Sunday (and how we filled the day instead)!”

  1. looks like it was a nice day there, Michelle! You made the right choice by not pushing it too hard on the knee…..I got hurt when I was training for my first marathon back in 2009, so I'm hyper-aware of all aches and pains….just get to the starting line in one piece!


  2. Hey Michelle! Just saw your comment on my blog- thanks so much for your kind words! The rolling pin idea works, but it's not quite as "fun" as a foam roller. A little more painful, I think, but not too bad at all. ROLL IT OUT!


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