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Still keeping the faith

I haven’t had a lot of time to write, but really wanted to highlight this past weekend .  If you read my last post, you read that I am still keeping the faith in regards to my career progression.  While nothing has changed since my last post, my faith still remains strong.  #Godhasaplan

This past weekend was my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday.  The big 1-0, double digits baby.  She was more than thrilled to say she is finally TEN YEARS OLD, so I planned a wonderful weekend in the city not only to celebrate her birthday, but to give my daughters and I time to recharge our batteries.

I took Friday off from work, and we headed down to the city at around 10 a.m.  After getting slightly lost once arriving to Chicago, we finally found our hotel.  We stayed at the Wit hotel in Chicago, and I highly recommend it for any future visits.  They treated us like loyalty, and we are just good ‘ole normal middle class folks.   #winning  We spent the weekend eating great food at places like Sienna Tavern and Bottlefork, went on an awesome architecture tour via boat, and shopping ’til we dropped almost literally.

So here’s our weekend wrap, mostly in pictures.  I wish I had words to describe this amazing weekend, but there really aren’t any.  Sure, we bickered some as of course to be expected with 3 woman with each other non-stop for 72 hours, but mostly we bonded, laughed, joked, and there were even a few tears from me as we sang Happy Birthday to my youngest, knowing her Dad would be sad having to miss this day. My heart broke a little, but my daughters helped me find my smile again.

First day at lunch at a place called O’Tooles
“Cocktails” at the roof top bar at the Wit
Us at dinner at the Sienna Tavern
A signed copy of Fabio Vivani’s cookbook!!
Wouldn’t be a birthday without Dylan’s candy store
Day 2 at Navy Pier
Views from our tour
More gorgeous views
Us on the way to Bottlefork for dinner
Shopping at the MAC store, hehe!
Never too old for fun!
Fireworks show at Navy Pier
Worn out after a long weekend, LOL

While there wasn’t much working out for me last week other than my daily plank, we logged over 12 miles of walking this weekend so I’ll take it.  I’m wrapping up with Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap since these ladies rock, and I’ve missed linking with them.  Please head over and check them out! ❤


How was your weekend?  Do you explore the city you live in?  What is your favorite touristy thing to do?


Have a great week!