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The bond between parents and their kids…

Growing up I remember how badly I wanted to be on my own, living independently and being able to come and go as I please. I remember how I couldn’t wait to get out from under my parent’s wings and be on my own. And for the first few years, I’ll admit, it was pretty great…even though I missed them, I truly enjoyed growing up on my own and having the pride of wearing the uniform every day.

But as I got older, I realize how very much I miss being close to my parents. While we are quite close emotionally, physically we are thousands of miles apart. This past weekend they came to visit, and I was reminded of the emotional closeness as my Mom hugged me tightly once she walked in to the door way of our new home. The endless hugs made my eyes swell up with tears and suddenly this almost 45 year old woman, started to cry. My parents have been my constant in my life. Lost loves, failed friendships, moving half way across the country and then back again and the one thing that remained tried and true? My parent’s love.

So if you are anything like me, and geographically distanced from your parents, make sure you make the time to reach out and let them know you love them. Being apart from my oldest daughter now, I can say what a huge difference it makes to hear that you are loved and appreciated. Save the “too busy” excuse and pick up the phone! 🙂

When was the last time you saw your parents? Do you live close/far from your folks?