January Runfessions

Today I am linking up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy slice for our monthly dose of Runfessions. Grab your drink of choice, snuggle up with your favorite blanket, and join us!



I runfess that despite being signed up for a full marathon in May, I have already sorta skipped my long run for week 2 of training.  I was supposed to run yesterday since it was my only day off from work (on weekend duty at the hospital both Saturday and Sunday equates to mega life suck), but after dropping my daughter off at the bus, while still in my jammies #dontjudge my bed was calling me as my head pounded, and I took a 2 hour nap.  I was going to go run with a friend, but she wasn’t feeling well either so we skipped it all together.  Thankfully my plan called for a 7 miler, and I did 6.5 on Tuesday so it’s not a complete fail.  Next week is a cut back week to 5 miles, so I should be ok…


I runfess that if I could, I would only wear running clothes and jammies during the winter months.  I read on a fellow bloggers post, that she too loves her slippers and jammies and it made me realize that work clothes come off promptly after arriving home to be replaced with jammies and slippers, unless of course I am exercising/running.  But even then, after my workout or run, it’s back to jammies after a nice hot shower.  Is this normal?

See exhibit 1. I’ve been home for 12 minutes.


I runfess that with the recent news of my husband basically being gone three out of four weeks of February, has pushed me back a few steps.  My “I am strong and can do all the hard things” has quickly changed back to “Please let me not cry all day every day, especially at work” and I hate it.  Every day I see him more gone, and the distant smile or half laugh while we watch our shows for an hour before bed, because I know he’s TRYING to be present, makes my heart physically ache.


I runfess that today, while at work I almost did something bad.  See, as the “relief supervisor” you have to carry this mobile phone with you, everywhere you go. You are at the beck and call of every nurse, doctor, technician and client, and the phone can often times ring NON-STOP while on duty.  I have lovingly referred “RS” duty” as “really shitty” and “really stupid” because that’s how the doctors and nurses often treat the lab, and the RS supervisor gets the brunt of the mis-treatment. More times than not, I go home in tears and need a nap to shut out the shift.  When I arrived on duty at 0615 hrs. this morning, the phone….was BROKENHalleluiah!!!  Gah…I could leave my desk number so people could ahold of me that way.  That would suffice, right?  Nah…I called IT and had the phone fixed.  Darn you integrity!  LOL! **note-karma had my back today, I didn’t get yelled at ONCE today which is a miracle in of itself when it comes to weekend duty!


And that my friends, is a wrap.  I hope you join us for Runfessions!  What do you have to runfess?!  Remember it can be anything!!


❤ Michelle