After thinking about my last post, I started focusing on the word STRENGTH.  You know, people have always told me how strong I am, having been through more battles than most can dream of.  I knew 2016 wouldn’t be a year that would focus on goals, or resolutions as some make with each new year.  My goal would to get through this year with smiles, my sanity, and strength.

I’ve always prided myself as a mentally strong woman.  I wasn’t always so, but years of practice tacking obstacles and struggles have proven to be on my side, because I just. don’t. quit.

In fact, when I resigned from the first civilian job I had back in 2013, I realized it was truly one of the first things I’d ever “quit” because I don’t count my divorce as quitting, I count that one as life saving.  But I digress…

So two weeks ago, I decided it was time to start getting stronger physically.  I downloaded the Tracy Anderson Transformation I series on our XBOX 1 and I am in a deep love/hate relationship with these 30 minute workouts.  1. They KICK MY BUTT, and there are burpees.  YUCK.  Yet…2. I am already seeing results just after the second week of doing the strength/muscle workouts 2-3 times per week, and the cardio workouts 2 times each week.


My arms are really getting their definition back! YAY!

I’m now officially down 8 lbs. from this time last year, and I am feeling stronger every day.

With this being my first “official” week of marathon training, I’ll hit the roads for 6 miles on Sunday.  And I WON’T eat. ALL. the. FOOD. afterwards, LOL!!

I still get choked up, every single day thinking about the next year.  I am often brought to tears immediately when I see a commercial, or hear a song when it talks of our countries soldiers.

Pic cred from the Vampire Diaries

But that doesn’t mean I not still getting stronger.  And I will continue this physical AND mental journey, one step at a time and I PRAY, I come out on top.

Cheers to all of you for your amazing support!  ❤


18 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. Your last post motivated to me at least to talk to a co-worker who religiously walks 1.5 miles during her lunch hour. I have to start somewhere! Hoo boy. No marathons in mind for me, but I need to git’ going to keep my heart rate healthy for a desk job. 🙂

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  2. Strong and tenacious is how I’d describe you. Of course there will be things that will be tough and will get you down but you’ve got the grunt to keep going. You know just when you have to pull up your big girl panties and push on.

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