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Sweet 16

My baby turned 16 today, and I’ll admit it’s bittersweet. I’m so proud of the young woman she’s become, but am having a very hard time letting go. She always has has a special way of loving me, that makes even the hardest days get better. ❤️

11 thoughts on “Sweet 16”

      1. Oh, I know. It’s brutal.
        I’m not ready let my girl grow up — and how did this happen just overnight? — but I also want her to be free and functional when she hits the world… The struggle is real!

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      2. Ah you won’t lose her: you are close to each other and that won’t change. You seem to have an excellent relationship with her and that’s good. It means she knows she can call you when she needs you no matter how far apart you are physically.

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  1. Congratulations. 16 is a sweet age, and she has many more milestone birthdays to come: 18, 21 … (gasp) 30. My wife and I just spent time wit our daughgter (now 39!) alone at her houseboat on a sunny Saturday afternoon. She still laughs like she’s 16 and that makes us smile.


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