moving forward

Monday motivation

Happy Monday!! Despite a nappy headache, I got out for a short run. I won’t lie, the entire run was a struggle. But I pushed through, for my Dad who I’m happy to report is recovering nicely from his heart procedures, and my MIL who started chemo last week and is struggling.
Digging deep to keep moving forward.
How was your Monday?

6 thoughts on “Monday motivation”

  1. Good for you! I thought that exercise was good for headaches, although truthfully when I get them exercising is the last thing on my mind. Mine can turn into migraines if I don’t catch them quick. I’ve been doing planks for about 6 months now too. I just worked up to a minute and a half. Right now I do them right before bed but I want to try and get one in when I get up in the morning too. Even if it is not doing anything for me physically, I think that mentally it puts me in an “I’m in control of myself” mindset and that helps me stick to the low carb eating I need to lose weight.

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