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Monday motivation

Happy Monday, everyone!! We’ve got friends coming to visit this weekend, and I plan to have a ton of fun-so decided to start the week out right!!! 3 sets of crunch, glutes and my daily plank, followed by a 2 mile interval run. I’m lacking on speed so want to slowly condition myself for quicker short runs. While this pace isn’t quick at all for how I used to run, it was a nice improvement for my current running days.

How was your day? Tell me something good!



7 thoughts on “Monday motivation”

  1. Nice… Look at you getting ahead of the weekend indulgences rather than thinking about them on Sunday night 😀

    I see your pace and I surreptitiously scoot my paces under the table…. haha.

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  2. Nice pace and plank. Something good: I finally got my truck to the mechanic and, I ran for 53 minutes on the treadmill without stopping to walk. Haven’t done that in a really, really long time.

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