moving forward

Happy Friday!

I’m still thinking about how to update/revamp my blog…more to follow on that.

This week kicked my butt between my daughter leaving, my Jeep needing several hundreds of dollars in repairs, and the kicker was my allergies going hog wild. I can’t even tell you how bad it’s been. But my Crepe Myrtle trees are starting to bloom, so it’s all worth it in the end.

How was your week?



5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. Thank you Michelle…for your heartfelt write of the week. I love your honest approach. Hope you have a great weekend and a lucky week ahead 🙂
    Thank you for the follow

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  2. I know how you feel.
    My youngest daughter found an apartment that she can afford and is moving out next month.
    She’s been to college but this time it feels final.
    Our kids need to move on and make a life for themselves. It’s the way life should work, even if it is painful.

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