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Today was a rough day. Heck, this year has been rough from day one. Between getting bronchitis for New Years, and the relentless work stress I’ve endured over the last year and a half, lets just say STICK A FORK IN ME.

I don’t usually talk about work on here. It’s bit me in the butt before, so I usually keep my work whoas to myself. No, whoas isn’t a word. But a couple of months ago I stood in the middle of my lab and prayed. I am a firm believer in faith, and while I don’t go to a physical church, I pray, and I pray a lot. I asked God for help…was this really it for me in my almost 30 year career? He answered that call literally 15 minutes later with a call from a recruiter about an amazing opportunity. Resume updated, reference list updated, and several phone interviews later and I felt like I was well on my way.

The holidays set things back quite a bit but I remained positive. There HAD to be something better out there for me. Today I had a rough day at work, but since my cough was getting better I headed out for a walk/run. My daughter joined me for the second half of my walk, and shortly after she joined me, I got the text. I wasn’t chosen to move to the next round. My heart dropped.


I asked God why on earth he’d tease me with such an opportunity knowing how much I’ve struggled in my current position? Why give me that sort of hope. Why?

I don’t have answers for these questions. I only have to keep the faith that there IS something better out there for me.


How do you deal with difficult situations? Have you ever suffered from disappointment like this?



18 thoughts on “Faith”

  1. One day at a time and keep your eyes open, just like in the military do not burn your bridges since you are in a rather specialized field. Your opportunity will come from a direction you do not expect.

    This first one was just to get things lined up. Now to update your resume, LinkedIn profile (update to be more targeted to where you want to go, not just general info), write down the questions you were asked and then think about how or if you would answer them differently and write down what your answer would be. Then have trusted friend, husband or daughter ask you those questions again. You might be surprised at how you answer them.

    Finally, double-check your references and actually talk to them to see what they are going to say about you – one may be inadvertently sinking your chances by saying something that isn’t what you need to have said.

    Just be ready when it comes. It will be there when you are least expecting. Use the Coast Guard motto Semper Paratus – Always Ready. 🙂

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  2. I figure that G-d will open the right door at the right time but it is up to us to try different doors. I went from having a career I loved because my manager was a fantastic leader who believed in me gave me challenging opportunities and promoted my growth and skills to having a night mare of a job when my boss changed. My current boss is an insecure bully who degrades people and promotes the people who will kiss his ass and don’t know anything.

    I questioned why G-d has put me in this situation and when He will open a door to let me free. I finally came to the conclusion I can continue to question “why” or I can focus on “how” to be better and grow in this situation. G-d will open the door when He believes I can move on, until then I am there for a reason, weather it is me or someone else. Hug, find the joy where you are in the small things and continue to grow

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  3. I’m like you — I have a deep faith but I don’t belong to a temple. If my husband were interested, I probably would.

    2018 was a very tough year for us on many levels. I can empathize with you. Not so much on the job front, although sort of — it’s actually not something I’m free to talk about right now.

    I’m sorry this happened to you. I do believe that there will be a better opportunity for you out there, just as I believe our troubles will sort themselves out. I guess the trick is to appreciate the little things every day — which is why I keep a gratitude journal — and keep the faith that there IS something better out there for us.

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  4. I went through almost a year of job searching and either just never heard back from places or had interviews but wasn’t chosen to move on. And it sucks, so I know how you feel. I kept telling myself that the right job would come. I got beat down at times, but I eventually got a great job and I’m glad now the other job opportunities didn’t work out so that I could get the one I have now.

    You just kind of have to stick it out, and I know it can be disappointing at times, but things happen for a reason. The right opportunity will come along for you.

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