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Man, I’ve got lots of empty notebooks. Every time I buy a new notebook I get so excited that I’ll find the inspiration to start writing and another week, month, year passes without a single sentence written down. I’m praying I can get past that block in the upcoming year. I’m hoping these daily posts will help a little as well.

Here’s my favorite pic from today.

How do you break writers block? Are you reading any good books lately?



4 thoughts on “Thoughts.”

  1. I love Pat Conroy. “Beach Music”, which I hadn’t read — one of the few! — was on sale a while back. So that’s what I’m reading. It’s a loooooong book, and seems to pretty much meld together themes from a lot of his other books, but I’m still enjoying it.

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  2. Oh Michelle! I was just thinking of doing a post about my own writer’s block…mostly blog writer’s block.
    Books I’ve read recently??
    -Crazy Rich Asians (one and two and currently on to #3)
    -Girl Wash Your Face (this is a must! I read two chapters a day to get my fill of inspiration!)
    -When Life Gives You LuLuLemon (#3 in Devil Wears Prada Series)
    -Hello Sunshine
    …I can find more!!!

    Good luck with the writer’s block!!!

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