Weekly Wrap 4/11-4/17

I’ve honestly tried to sit and write a post, for several days.  I pour myself a glass of wine, boot up my computer, and stare at the blank screen.  And nada…zilch…the words just won’t come to my brain.  I assume this is because I am so tired of being sad, and writing about being sad, that I just want to block everything out.  I don’t want to write about it, because that will mean I am reliving the tough days, and to be honest I’ve had my fair share of tough days these last 6 weeks.

We filled the week with work/school, workouts, and good food coupled with quality time.  J had a very busy week with school and after school activities so the evenings were mostly just me and S.  My youngest (S) has been struggling with school, her daddy leaving, and just this age in general.  She’s no longer a little, but she’s not a teen yet either.  Hearing her teacher tell me she sees her alone, and sometimes in a dark place broke my heart. Because she has always been such a happy little girl.

Monday, Monday…hmmm, what the heck did I do Monday besides go to work?  Yikes…I forget.

Tuesday S asked if she could go on a run with me, so of course I said yes. Because I was running 4 miles, she scootered along and we had a blast! It was good to hear her laugh, and see her have a good time.  I am really working on keeping her spirits up.


Wednesday we did a good boot camp workout and I ran 2 miles.  (How did I not take ANY pictures…whoops!!)

Thursday S has dance class, so that takes up most of our evening because its a mad rush to pick her up from school, get home to get dinner made and then we change and head out the door.  I normally don’t sit down til 8:30, and my day starts at 5:45 am, so needless to say Thursdays I am pretty tired.

Friday after work, the girls and I wore our “Running back” Unit T-shirts my hubby got for us, and we headed out to our favorite Mexican place.  After the kids went to bed, my neighbors invited me over for some wine and a bon-fire and it felt so nice to talk to adults. The weeks get pretty lonely, especially the evenings and I catch myself holing up and that’s not good. But I hate to be a burden, and hate to bug people when I know everyone has their own “stuff.”

I finished my Friday by dragging all the these branches to the curb. Keep in mind it’s a good half acre I had to drag them to the curb!  I call that winning for cross training.


Saturday I decided it was a day of retail therapy. The girls and I headed to Geneva, and stopped by all of our favorite shops, and my very favorite called Denise’s Adornments. We also tried a new restaurant called Al Chulo which is a modern Mexican tapas eatery just outside of Geneva in West Chicago.

Today was supposed to be my run day, but beautiful weather lead to running errands with the top down on my Jeep, and a day filled with cleaning the garage and washing the cars.  Sadly with everything going on, something has to give, and for now that is my running.  I get it in when I can, but time taking care of my home and my girls is more important.  S even was able to have a impromptu play date, so extra winning for us all!

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap!  Please head over and support these amazing women!


How was your week?  Do you count yard work/chores as cross training?

Have a great week everyone!!




41 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap 4/11-4/17”

  1. Yard work absolutely counts as cross training! When we had our blizzard in Jan I totally counted 2 hrs of snow shoveling as a workout.

    I am glad you got some fun time with S. Look at that smile!

    Retail therapy….yes please!!

    Have a good week!

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  2. You’ve done a great job with your girls. I know it’s gotta be terribly difficult keeping your chin up while you are so sad but you’ve done incredibly well showing them you are there to fill in the gaps while daddy is gone. Big hug to you.

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  3. Yard work is totally cross training. And I have to echo the previous comment–you are doing an amazing job parenting your girls. You all miss your hubs in your own way, and it manifests in different ways. But you are so strong as a family. This is a marathon–it will be hard, but you can find the enjoyment in it.


  4. Yard work absolutely counts as cross training!

    You are such a great mom, it comes through loud & clear. There will always be rough patches, and rough days/weeks/months, but the very most important thing is just to love on them.

    And if someone offers to spend time with you, take them up on it! They wouldn’t offer if they didn’t mean it.

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  5. I love doing ‘practical’ cross training where you’re getting in a good workout and also getting something done. It’s the best of both worlds! I don’t blame you for skipping your run in favor of getting things done. I’m currently playing catch up on a month and a half of neglected chores around the house now that training and my race are behind me. Playing catch up is no fun.

    I’m not mom, but it looks like you’re doing a fabulous job with your girls. It’s hard on everyone while your husband is gone, but you’re filling in the gaps just fine and showing them how to be strong.

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  6. Housework and chores definitely count as cross training. All that lifting, lugging, etc. YES !
    My girls are now 17 and 14 and grew up way too fast 😦
    Take advantage of the time you have with them !

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  7. I’m so glad to see you back with us this week Michelle. Hearing about the adult time over a bon fire sounds wonderful! I am so ready to be back camping. We got a little taste of a campfire in Memphis but really it was just a tease, I want more!!!
    Yard work always counts as cross training in my book too! Hey that looks like you could have your own bon fire!
    Love the pictures of you and your daughters having a great time! Thanks Michelle for joining us!

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  8. You’ve definitely got some beautiful girls.
    That is so sad about the one going off alone and the teacher noticing. Maybe it’s good she noticed and told you.
    I think it is awesome your all keeping busy going out and getting some fun things in, hopefully that will keep the moral up.
    So a friend of mine, I remember when her husband was gone on their last deployment and she found these fun creative things to do on Pinterest to help pass the time and keep the moral up.
    One of them was this chalk wall they painted, and each month they would start with a new fresh chalkboard (it literally took an entire wall.) they would each go on their daily and write a message or something. Then they would take pictures of it and put them into books for dad to look through when he got back, so he could see all they did each day while he was gone, and see their messages.
    I tried to find the exact idea she did, but could’t but I did find a similar one in you want to check it out: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/45880489927351690/

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  9. Sunshine and fresh air sure help keep the spirits up 🙂 Hopefully you will be blessed with more good Spring weather. Mexican food and retail therapy are good too 🙂
    Yes, moving all the brush is cross training for sure lol

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  10. My yard work is woefully behind! I hope I can get out there and conquer some of it this weekend. It is absolutely considered cross training! Riding around with the top off the jeep sounds like the perfect weekend activity! I bet there is no one around that would consider you a burden. Next time you need some company or distraction, just ask. Thanks for linking with us Michelle.

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  11. I count my yard work as serious cross-training. All of my digging up and hauling back & forth (daylilies) has left me very sore, stiff and satisfied. I’ve also been doing nightly work on prom stuff…lots of squatting as I paint the backdrops on my garage floor, and numerous deep knee bends….OUCH! (in a good way)


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