Weekly wrap up, 2 weeks down with an easy recipe!

Today I am linking up with Holly and Tricia, and I am thankful I keep doing these posts because it keeps me from completely “holing myself up” as my sister (and I) always say.  Because those that know me well, know I tend to go into Super Woman mode when faced with challenges, thinking I can do it all, when really, no matter how strong I think I am-I need help.  Lots of it.  ❤


I started out the week strong, managing 2 workouts.  And then my mini got sick, and then she decided to share her nasty chest cold/cough with me…so our weekend was a bust, only getting out to run mandatory errands yesterday morning.  We got supplies to send my hubby an Easter box, went grocery shopping and gassed up my Jeep.  The rest of the weekend we were watching movies and relaxing for the most part.  I watched “High Fidelity, Silver Linings playbook, and Brooklyn” this weekend.  Friday night and Saturday nights were hard…I was missing my hubby quite a lot, especially because I felt like crap, but more so because the quiet of the house once the kids go to bed is especially lonely.  Thankfully I channeled my energy and got all of my laundry done, and my floors swiffered LOL.  I have issues.

still smiling, despite not feeling well!

I did make this yummy AND easy crockpot chicken parmesan recipe:


1 jar of your favorite sauce. 5 mushrooms sliced. Put both in your crockpot. 6 chicken thighs seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Brown chicken on both sides. Add them into your crockpot. Top with Parmesan cheese and basil and cook for 2 hours on high.

How was your week/weekend?  Do you love your crockpot as much as I do?  Tell me something good!

❤ Michelle


53 Comments on “Weekly wrap up, 2 weeks down with an easy recipe!

  1. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well this week. I do love my crockpot and use it several times a week. It cooks chicken better than I could ever hope to do myself. This recipe looks yummy and easy. I hope you feel better this week and can get all of your workouts in. Hang in there, Michelle and thanks for linking with us.

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  2. Michelle – you have important and valuable information and suggestions you share..I may ask you to have your mini book about the training weeks, this has been so great for me…

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  3. Hope you feel better quickly. Sometimes the snuggle time on the couch is the best, even your dog seemed to hang out. Wasn’t feeling 100% but decided to try a new bike club this weekend to see if it can help train me to be safer on the roads, it was a nice 25 mile ride Saturday and I met some women who like to ride and were fun! Sunday I broke my distance record and did 55 miles, my body wants yoga now but I’m too tired. 🙂 Enjoy your kiddos they grow up so quick….

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  4. I adore my crock pot! I use it often. I am going to take my first Pure Barre class next week, wish me luck, lol! I hear it’s torture. 😀 Hope you are feeling better soon!


  5. That chicken parmesan looks fabulous! I wouldn’t know how to cook anything if it weren’t for my crock pot, so I’ll definitely be trying that recipe! Glad that you’re feeling better, but it sounded like you almost needed that forced rest. Hope you have a fantastic week!!


  6. Just think of all the chick flicks that you can watch 😀 Silver Linings Playbook is excellent. I’ve not seen Brooklyn yet–was it good?


  7. Sorry you and your daughter were both sick 😦 I hope you guys get better quickly! I always forget about the crock pot but I actually pulled it out last night to make some steel cut oats. I portioned them out into smaller servings so I can grab and go with them for breakfasts throughout the week. I’ve never tried this before so we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping it still tastes good when re-heated in the microwave.


  8. So sorry to hear that you and your daughter were both under the weather. I wish you the speediest of recoveries! Thank you for sharing that slow cooker recipe – I love chicken parm and making it the traditional way is so labor intensive! The slow cooker is a life saver during busy times (i.e. all the time). Big hugs on missing your hubby!!!


  9. I read an article the other day about how housework was as good as working out. I’d count what you did as a super-session.


  10. Seriously, who doesn’t love a crockpot?!

    You watched some good movies. You are welcome to come to my house and clean. I have issues with cleaning, too — as in I don’t do it! Or not enough.

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  11. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

    Something good: My youngest son and his girlfriend invited me to join their Ragnar DC team for this fall. I’ve run it twice and had a blast, but had decided to not do it again; however, who can say no to an invitation like that? 🙂 It’s not finalized and we might not get enough people to put a team together, but just having them want me to join their team made my day!

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  12. I’m a huge crock pot fan too! You can do so much with it!


  13. Sorry about the sickness in your household. Hope you all can get well soon!
    Crockpot meals are the best. I just made one Sunday. Your meal looks great. I am famous for just throwing whatever might sound good in the pot and hope it turns out as tasty as I think it might. Most time it does, but I’ve had a few fails, LOL


  14. That chicken looks amazing. When you say brown it, what does that mean? I’m such a horrible cooker– it’s not even funny. But I do really want to learn, loll!


    • Just heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan on medium/high heat. Season the chicken, and then “pan fry” or “brown” in your pan! Don’t cook it all the way through, just get it nice and golden brown! 🙂 Hope this helps!


  15. I really need to experiment with my crockpot. Everyone makes it sounds so easy and I simply haven’t figured the thing out. Grrr. Hope you are all feeling better.

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