Things I am thinking about…

…and in no particular order.

I am thinking about running another full marathon next year.  As most of you know, I really wanted to run Grandma’s Marathon again, but without the free lodging my Mom got us last year and hotels going for a good $200+ a night, well…that doesn’t look very do-able for our family’s budget next year. 😦

SOOO…I found a local marathon that is less scenic, but a nice flat course that I could possibly push myself to maybe PR?  Who knows…maybe?


I am thinking its time to REALLY start researching ideas and plans for my dream of opening a restaurant.  I know this won’t happen for another 10 years or so, but I really want to be ready.  So I’ve picked up my pen and paper, put on my thinking cap, and have started a list of regions in the U.S. that have good wines, and the cuisine that pairs well with the wine.  I’ve only just started this process, but I have to admit, it is FUN doing all the research.

CAPI am thinking since learning to hate embrace the added 5-8 lbs that have joined me since turning 40, I have also decided to fight back and turn that fat into muscle.  I’ve gotten back on the running wagon, and have continued my strength training and yoga.  Bye Bye Fat…and screw you, SCALE!


With that, I bid you happy National Coffee Day!  Even though, well, I don’t drink coffee, LOL!!


What’s on your race schedule for the remaining of this year, and even next?  Have you ever found yourself in a pinch when it comes to traveling for races?  Do you drink coffee?

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

❤ Michelle

30 thoughts on “Things I am thinking about…”

  1. Get to know the food vendors like Sysco or local ones, the Farmers Markets if going to do dishes from complete scratch, Liquor licenses are expensive and takes time to get one, so when you get ready to open apply for that license, also in the state of California and South Dakota your neighbors will have a decision as to whether the license is granted or not. Also keep this in mind, “Off-sale or package liquor licenses are for liquor stores and grocery stores that sell alcohol for consumption off site. The fee for a new license is $530 to sell hard alcohol, $230 if it’s beer and wine coolers only.

    Rapid City doesn’t have room for more. The city added more licenses since the last census, but all 47 are allocated. The last sold for $25,500 in a competitive bidding process to a convenience store last spring, according to The Rapid City Journal. Any business wanting a license now has to buy it from a current license holder.”

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  2. So exciting that you are thinking about your next marathon. Currently I am training for the Goofy Challenge in January. Other than that I do not have any othere races on my schedule. I had no idea it was national coffee day until this evening. By the time I found out it was too late in the day to go get any.

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  3. Only two more races to go this year. Melbourne marathon in two and a half weeks then a 15k in December. I’m ready to get back to just running for fun with no goals for a couple of months.

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  4. YES!! Happy Coffee Day to me!!! I LLOVE coffee…all times a day! ’bout to have my “night cap” soon!!

    Congrats on the marathon decision! Let’s see…for the remainder of this year: 5k this Saturday; 10k some time in October (want to submit that time for SW 10k at Disney). Haven’t really decided on a race for November or December…but I’m working on it!

    And….PLEASE…come to FL so I may have your risotto!!!

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  5. I have one more half marathon to go this year, in November in Conwy, North Wales. The bad news is I’m feeling a bit jaded with running at this stage, and would happily take a month or so off. The good news is I’m not a quitter so will keep on pounding those back lanes till November comes! The other good news Is Conwy is one of my favourite places in the world, and the course is about as scenic as they come, complete with the 200m (600ft) Great Orme right at the halfway point! The plan is to forget about speed and just enjoy it -not beating myself up if I have to walk up that pesky yet beautiful Orme (http://www.greatorme.org.uk/orme.html) – and REALLY enjoy the celebration afterwards 🙂

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  6. A marathon would be amazing, you are amazing!!! haha I love running but I’ve never done an official race. I need to just sign up for one!! And opening a restaurant would be awesome! Lots of work but what a cool accomplishment it would be 🙂 haha I don’t drink coffee either but I saw the National coffee posts ALL over the place! Happy Wednesday!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

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  7. That would be awesome to try your restaurant out. Sounds like your research into the wine would be very fun! I’m interested in finding out what you decide about Rockford.


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