A Mother’s love…

I am sure at reading the title of this post, you expect beautiful pictures of my daughters and poetic prose sweetly written about the joys of having daughters.

But nope.

This post, is about being a Mother to a 4 legged creature.  A dog more specifically.  MY dog.

I gave birth to my second daughter in 2006, on August 5th to be exact.  After which I was overcome with terrible post partum depression.  I thought it would pass, but after nearly a year the depression stuck and my husband stepped in.  I had encountered many “life issues” and had had enough…even running wasn’t going to get me through this patch.

Quickly, I welcomed this handsome 4 legged creature who would do more for me than any medication could touch.  THIS dog, helped me find my smile again.   I’ll remember the sunny January day we drove to pick him up, gosh, for the rest of my life.  My husband did research, and found a local breeder that had a male Golden Retriever.  We packed the kids in the car, Sophia just a year and a half old, and Jordyn 8 1/2 years old, and went to meet our new family member.

We had many names picked out, but Samuel Adams was the name he responded too, so there it was.  “Sammy” as he is known to our family was welcomed with open arms.  And then things changed.

I found my smile.  Because this wonderful little dog followed me EVERYWHERE.  He knew I needed HIM.  And he was there.  And he still is…

Now, 7 years later, as we celebrate his birthday I can’t help but to get teary.  Because this guy knows…he knows when I have a bad day, and he takes the time to nuzzle me a little more, snuggle a little longer, and give me more extra wet kisses than I care to have sometimes, LOL.

And I love him.  More than I can even put in to words.  Some people tease pet lovers dedication and passion, but I bet you a million bucks they don’t have this sort of relationship in their life.  Many a morning I will lay in bed after a night of insomnia, and Sammy will jump up into the bed, and snuggle in with me, pressing his forehead into mine.  He wraps his paws around me, and he knows…Momma is tired…Momma is stressed…Momma needs some extra snuggles.  HE…is there.  It still amazes me how they know…when you need them. This morning is a perfect example.  I didn’t sleep well at all, woke up far beyond the moment when my alarm would go off, and I closed my eyes, wishing for Sammy to come upstairs.  Seconds later, there he was, ready for his summons up in to the bed.  And for 5 minutes, in the dark, my pup loved me.  In his own way, told me, “It’s going to be ok.”

And for that moment.  All was right in the world.  I was loved.  And I knew, as a Mother of a 4 legged creature, I had done right with the world.  Even if, for just a moment.

So I will sleep well tonight, knowing I have loved just a little more, lived my life just a little better, because of my amazing dog, Sammy.  Thanks, buddy…for truly making my life so much better.

He loved his boots as a pup
He loved his boots as a pup
Daddy love
Daddy love
Jordyn and Sammy
Jordyn and Sammy
Me and my bubs
Me and my bubs
Sammy and Sophia
Sammy and Sophia

❤ Michelle

17 Comments on “A Mother’s love…

  1. loved your post today..i too love my fury babies! they are just the best. loving us…unconditionally and completely. love them while you can….here’s to all the “sammys” of the world! cheers!

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  2. There is nothing like the bond you have with your animals. When I am sick or having a bad day, my pups will not leave my side. They know when mama is having a rough time. I’m glad he found his way to you guys 🙂


  3. Aw, this is so sweet. Sammy sounds like a great best friend 🙂 I want to raise a puppy one day and have this type of relationship. Dogs are so instinctual and caring. I love my bunny, but he definitely doesn’t get my emotions like a dog will!


  4. So sweet and what a cutie! I totally get the connection we have with pets. They are precious family members. My mom has had goldens for years and years. Love them!

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  5. He’s cute!!! I love my dog way more than I should. She’s turning 12 in March…yikes! But she’s still as active as a young pup. She brings so much joy and unconditional love to my life…something that a mother of teenage boys sure needs! Great post!


  6. There is something so incredibly special about Golden Retrievers. I have one too and Toby is my favourite family member. He is so incredibly devoted to me – he’s even sitting under the desk as I type this. I was away over night for a run last weekend and he hasn’t left my side since I’ve returned.
    Your Sammy brought back such memories of Toby as a puppy. What a gorgeous ball of fur both of them were!

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  7. Aww, I love this! 🙂 Great post! And you nailed it when you said people act like the love for our pets is odd or too much, but they are family too, and you create an incredible bond with that. I am happy you have that with Sammy! 🙂

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