Tuesday truths

Well it happened. I am sick as a dog. I haven’t felt this terrible in years. Woke up with a head cold and fever but dragged myself out of bed and to work. My boss took one look at me and sent me home. I barely made it an hour into the day. But he was right. I needed rest. I drove home, took some Benadryl and poured myself into bed. I had hoped some rest would make me feel better. But here I sit after my third dose of emergenC and my head is still fuzzy and I just don’t feel myself. With my race looming just next weekend I couldn’t help but to cry. I don’t have time for sickness. But who really does?

But at the end of the day I will still count my blessings.
Truth- I have a pretty cool boss who’s told me to stay home tomorrow reassuring me he’d take care of my department.
Truth- I need to trust in my training and realize the taper madness can often lead to getting sick.
Truth- I am lucky to have family and friends who checked on me today, as well as a pretty cool dog who wouldn’t leave my side today.

Do you find taper madness leads to sickness?
Does it drive anyone else batty to miss work?

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