Race week, WHA!!!!! T-7 days!


Today marked the triumphant ‘last long run’ before my marathon.   I woke up at 3 am in a panic thinking I was late for work…crap, no, I didn’t have to get up until 6:45 am…dammit, took me another hour to fall back asleep.  LOL. 

I got up, a little out of sorts as it was pouring rain out…really?  My last few runs I haven’t been able to catch a break with Mother Nature, so this was no different. 

I had spent the better part of yesterday in massage therapy, with bruises resulting in the ‘working out’ of my pour IT band and knee/calf issues.  I pulled on my compression capri pants, tank, and long sleeve jacket.  It was a balmy 55 degrees, with rain, and the worst thing that could happen right now is me getting sick.  Over dressing was key. 

I met up with Janel and Melissa and we took off pretty quickly.  We only needed 8 miles, so we would do a 4 mile out and back.  We chatted, felt ok, yet I felt a pottie stop needed early on.  As we got to the Fabyan windmill who did we see?  Bob and Diane Miller….two of my favorite people.  After my quick pottie break and hugs we kept moving towards our 4 mile mark/turn around point. 
photo via FVM

It was raining, we were getting soaked, yet the feeling of being with these two ladies who have ran with me more times than I can count swept over me…and I suddenly didn’t ‘hurt’ anymore.  As we were running past Geneva back towards St. Charles, who did we see?  All of the other committee members who met up to do their 3-6 miles.  Goosebumps and laughter along with smiles and slight tears, and I knew I could do this…

We ran…laughed…talked…vented…and envisioned the finish line. 

And then, we grouped up, as one huge team of race committee members, and we ran the finish line.
photo via FVM

Yes, I only just ran 8 miles…but I cried…I couldn’t help it.  I have come so far, seen so much, and embraced so many friendships that I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. 

We had coffee afterwards, and the volunteers not running the race got their tee-shirts and medals.  I felt so honored to be with all of these amazing people. 

It was time to say goodbye and head home, and one of the race CREATORS hugged me, thanking me, and told me that I am an inspiration to all…I cried again, yup.  What an amazing morning. 
two very amazing men…photo via FVM

This has been the most emotional ‘race’ I have ever trained for…maybe because I am helping behind the scenes this year, maybe because I have several friends training for their first full…and maybe, because I know in my heart this will be my last 26.2 mile race.  I think mostly, because inspiring and helping others has always been my dream, and I finally feel like I am doing just that!

I don’t know…I only know I have literally changed into a woman I can now say I love.  I haven’t said that in 40 years. 

My advice to a friend (you know who you are, Andrea) in regards to the pain of training for a marathon, was this tonight:

“You aren’t breaking.  Your body is pushing you. You will not quit.  I won’t hear of it.  No. No. No.  Overcome and adapt.  You got this.  No one said it would be a walk in the park.  That’s why so few run this distance.  It isn’t easy.  It wasn’t meant to be.  But that feeling you have crossing that finish line can’t be matched.  Remember that always.  Now wipe the tears, sweat, and exhaustion away.  Brush off any negative feeling and envision the starting line.  The run.  And the finish line.”

I didn’t make it where I am, without an amazing support system.  I once doubted that ‘system’ yet realized I was looking in the wrong places. 

Support comes from within first…given second, and received lastly…

Remember always, to keep Movin’ forward

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