Three things, Thursday

1.  My oldest daughter, is…well growing up.  We went to her last 7th grade band concert tonight, and although she doesn’t practice as much as she should (she admits this), they did WONDERFUL.  I was so proud.  Even better, Brian, Sophia and I were jamming in the stands, laughing, singing, and being silly.  Jordyn kept trying to not laugh at us, but hey…her parents are weird and I know deep down she appreciates our silliness.  We swore Justin Bieber was playing the sax, and Jordyn swears she can’t stand him so it made it even funnier.  I was mouthing, “There is Justin Bieber” while pointing to the sax player, and she just kept laughing, telling me “MOM STOP” haha!!

My Jordyn is in the center of the pic, playing the flute.

2.  Sorry to keep posting about my new job…but I can’t help it.  In my first week of work I feel more at home here than I have in such a long time.  I am still new, still learning and still have a lot to learn.  I know there will be hard/bad/whatever days.  But I truly think I’ve found where I am meant to be career-wise.  YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

3.  My hard work with training while listening to my body seems to be paying off.  I was exhausted after a bad night’s sleep last night so didn’t get the run in I had planned.  But tomorrow I will get outside rain or shine, and get at least a couple miles in.  We also have P90X ‘arms’ on deck and can’t wait.  For Mother’s Day I plan on running with two of my favorite running friends, and it will be an awesome way to start MY day.

Lastly, (ok, this is number 4) I have a new found appreciation for life, and the positive nature in which I try to live my life.  There will always be those people who don’t speak a word to you unless it’s something negative.  I say, bah…I have a right to my opinions, as do they, but please don’t waste your time posting something negative to my page when you NEVER have something positive to say.  You don’t live my life, raise my kids, or have any clue what I have been through in life.  Save it people.  I don’t have time for negativity in my world.  I spent far too many years in the rain filled clouds…No more.  So rain on someone else’s parade, for I’ll keep marching on. 

16 thoughts on “Three things, Thursday”

  1. Glad you are loving your new job!! That is awesome!I totally hear you on trying to be positive! It drives me nuts when people just have negative things to say!


  2. Our boys were both in band. Neither of them practiced much either cause they were only in it for the great trips, ie., Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Disneyland. We loved going to their concerts too. I actually really miss that now that they're all grown up.Glad you love your new job…that's super important:)BarbaraMy Running Shortz


  3. A rest day can sometimes be the best training you can have your body do. Last night I slept badly and have taken today as a rest day – best thing I've done this week … apart form my afternoon nap I managed to take 😉


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