Wednesday Reflections


I had a moment of clarity today that came upon me like a crashing wave. 

Actually, 2 moments, so bear with me.

First off.  I have been in the Histology career field for 22 years now.  It’s been something that has been part of my life, for gosh, over half my life.  In these 22 years I have done several different aspects of the career, from “bench tech” to managing a lab.  I can’t say that I have been ‘uber’ in either aspect as each time I moved in my Air Force career, my role changed and I was blessed to learn something new.  But with constantly learning and changing, it was hard to become an expert at any one aspect of my job.  Today was my 6th day of work at my new job, and I am finally feeling a touch comfortable in my new supervisory/bench tech role.  I was able to work independently, yet with just a few questions.  My coworkers believe in me, support me, and are helping me grow in this new role.  And honestly, despite a pay cut, I feel this choice in job moves has done wonders for my soul.  I am growing not only in my career, but in my mental capacity of not letting all the “little crap” get to me.  I make a mistake, so what…I won’t make that mistake twice, and will learn.  COOL.  And ultimately I am home for my family, and that is what I needed the most.  I will admit I miss my boss from my old job terribly, but thankfully she’s just a text/fb message away. 

Secondly.  I signed up to be a volunteer for my all-time favorite race, the Fox Valley marathon.  I went to my first meeting tonight, and was a little nervous to be honest.  Will I be taking on too much?  Nah…

I not only decided to be team Captain for the photography for the kid’s marathon, I was also blessed to become a pacer for this race.  I will be pacing the half marathon training runs, for the 10 minute milers.  I didn’t even pause when requesting this group as I know it is a comfortable “still being able to chat” pace…yet when I got home tonight and posted about it on Facebook, I realized something…Last year when I went to my first training run I started out with the 10 minute milers and couldn’t hold pace.  I fell back after just a few short miles and felt defeated.  Silly me…distance and time and pace come with training.  A year later, I can run a half marathon at an average of a 9:30-9:40 pace comfortably.  WHAAAAAAT? 
Last year I did the 20 miler in preparation for the Chicago Marathon.  I can’t think about this race without getting choked up.  Truly.  Amazing.  Life Changing indeed. 

This summer poses to be a wonderful one despite my husband being gone most of the month of June.  I will have more time with my family and some awesome runs with the most amazing running community I’ve met to date. 

Life, is truly GREAT. 

Want to run an awesome race?  Check out the Fox Valley Marathon/20 miler/Half Marathon. 

You won’t be disappointed. 

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Reflections”

  1. Michelle, what a great post. Loved hearing your perspective on your new job and I encourage you to keep the focus on the extra time with your family! I also think it is super cool you are a pacer for a training group. They are super lucky to have you; they don't even know how lucky!!! Have fun! Run happy


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