Trailbreaker Half Marathon race report

Life lessons…

I’ve learned that not everyone will GET what we runners are talking about when we speak of the “runner’s high,” or UNDERSTAND why we train so hard. 

Our own spouses, or people closest to us, very well may not GET it… and that may hurt sometimes when they aren’t there at the end of a race, cheering you on as you cross the line. 

But that is ok…push those feelings aside, and hang on to what running teaches us, for those that DO get it.

Running friends are a special breed.  They’ll hop in the car and trek 90+ miles with you just to help support you with a goal. 

They will carb load with you like mad women, and then have desert to boot…

They will understand your apprehension, and know its ok not to run an entire race together.

They will share your tears of joy, and pain.
Me in front of Lake Geneva on our trip up north
pre-carb loading, with of course a yummy wheat ale

My recap goes a little like this…Trailbreaker half marathon, Waukesha WI-6 April 2013

We went to bed last night after a great night of carb loading.  We were welcomed by local Italian eatery owners to indulge, and well, we did…LOL
Lobster filled raviolli…YUM
Desert, was amazing!

We were tired, and just as my head hit the pillow, I bolted straight up on the bed-wide awake.  Why?  I forgot my knee brace.  GAHHH!  We searched for the nearest Walgreens so we could stop by in the morning to find something that would suffice, but in turn I didn’t sleep…maybe an hour tops…Yikes. 

But the running Gods were upon us, and the weather we were dreading held up AND we were able to find a brace to get me by for today’s race. 

We picked up our packets with no issues, and waited inside for the 0930 hrs start.  They not only had 2 bathrooms inside, there were porta potties outside for people to use.  
We didn’t even plan it, but our race outfits were nearly identical! 

Race time was here, and a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem was sung.  I was already impressed with this race. 

It was around 37 degrees, and windy, but we settled in quickly.  First mile was at 9:50, and I knew I needed to not go out too fast this time.  Second mile I clocked at 9:27, and Janel sped ahead of me.  This was ok at first because I could still see her…mile 3 clocked at 9:25, but as I lost her in my sight I found myself losing mojo because it started to rain…mile 4 clocked at 9:38.  Ok Michelle, pull it together, it’s just a few sprinkles.   (Aid station mishap report at the end, LOL)

I took a deep breath, and settled in.  Mile 5 and 6 clocked at 9:15 and 9:26 respectively.  At mile 5 I already started seeing runners loop back, and I could feel myself gaining my beloved mojo back…My knee started to hurt, so at the turn around at mile 7 I was able to grab some water at the aid station and take some Tylenol.  I decided against the porta pottie and took back off at the turn around.   Mile 7 I clocked at 9:39, mile 8-9:42….mile 9, WHO DO I SEE?  Yup, I caught up to my friend Janel, and I felt my spirits lift…9:00 minutes for mile 9. 

And then my competitive spirit, the running Gods, and the ITunes fairy all came together, and I took off…My last 3 miles were 8:43, 8:59, 8:55 and 7:37 for the last .16.

I got very emotional, I will admit.  I worked my tail off for this race…and it was amazing to put all my worries aside, and JUST RUN. 
Yup, those are tears welling in my eyes…
Nearly 4 more minutes shaved off my time, in ONE week. 

The race was beautifully mapped out, and the police support for traffic was amazing.  They also had plenty of aid stations.  My ONLY complaint was simple…I don’t drink the Gatorade at aid stations.  It’s too sugary, and literally makes me sick.  At the mile 4 aid station I clearly asked “Water?” to which the volunteer said “Yes,” so I grabbed the cup and chugged.  I don’t stop for aid stations, so I don’t take the time to look at what they hand me…YUP, you guessed it…it was NOT water, it was Gatorade, and I nearly had to stop and walk as my stomach cramped up…my time was steady around a 9:20 pace until this nasty mile where I slowed to 9:38. 

But the good, definitely outweighed anything else, so I will definitely do this race again next year.  Great community, great race, great volunteers, and all around a wonderful time. 

I honestly went in to this race with only the expectation of finishing…but there is nothing better than finding that extra UMPH in your heart and mind to get you across the finish line STRONG. 

I now am a Half Fanatic, and couldn’t be more proud.  Thanks for all the support!  J

14 thoughts on “Trailbreaker Half Marathon race report”

  1. Great job Michelle!!! Its always a great feeling when you finish a race strong…… And yes, we runners do GET it. We are proud of you!!!


  2. Great race! Boo on the volunteer giving you the wrong thing! Oops! Must have been a first timer?LOL – I think my husband and family support my running, but I don't expect them to haul their butts to all my races. I do too many. It's a lot of fun with friends though!


  3. Proud of you! What a great weekend you had, and I totally get the runner's high! I may not be a runner like you but we all get those amazing highs with what ever we enjoy! You needed this mini-break and it looks like it did wonders for your soul! Love you!


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