RLA for tonight!

Ok….so I will start this post off by saying, WOW…you guys are all amazing, and I truly appreciate your comments and support.  I had honestly thought about taking a break from blogging, but so very glad I put that thought to rest. 


So tonight’s real life adventure is more of a DAY’s RLA…

I was on “kid duty” as my husband and I call it today, meaning I need to get my youngest up, dressed, and ready to take to before school day care.  This also entails ensuring my eldest is awake, reminding her to take the dog out, and getting everyone’s lunches and snacks prepared and ready for the day.  No easy feat, but totally do-able.  I actually enjoy taking my little one to school because she always knows how to start my day out right…smiles, laughter, and awesome 6 year old logic and banter fill the back seat of my Jeep at 6:30 a.m., and yes, it’s great.  It’s amazing how although we don’t get to see our kids as often as we’d like-the moments we DO spend with them are priceless. 

All said and done, I delivered my priceless package to daycare and made my hour commute to work…my work day started a bit crazy, cutting myself from the get go (I work in a pathology lab) and this COULD HAVE turned ugly…but nope, I bandaged myself up with a sparkly band—aid and went about my day.  I’ve been working long hours, and added in with my commute my gym/running time has been limited. 

Instead of letting this get to me, I arrived home from work, after watching an amazing sunset during my commute…I decided to cook an easy yet healthy dinner of Asian inspired chicken atop a bed of cabbage and ancient red peppers.  No dressing needed, just a drizzle of garlic infused vinegar!  It was so delicious! 

I will admit, I tried to relax tonight with a big slap of FAIL in the face…I made it 30 minutes on the recliner reading, realizing I hadn’t made lunches or snack, NOR had I set out clothes for the next day.  Relax mode quickly turned off, I hit the weights, and then got my chores done. 

Time to hit the hay in preparation for the crazy storms that are ensuing here in Chicago!  Sleep well, Movers! 

Keep moving forward!

5 thoughts on “RLA for tonight!”

  1. One hour commute? Wow. Hopefully, you're not in too much traffic! Hoping for enough snow so I can use my skis one time this winter! But I want it to fall after rush hour!


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