Thank a Vet for your freedom

Hard to believe this is my second Veterans day OUT of uniform.  I spent over half my life wearing the uniform and proudly serving among some truly amazing people. 

So today when hitting up a local craft fair, I saw a Korean War/Vietnam vet.  I spotted him a mile away with his Army cap on which was adorned with a Purple Heart and Bronze star medal, as well as some medals I didn’t recognize.  As we made our purchases I looked him square in the eye and said, ‘Thank you for your service.’  His smile truly lit up the room as he questioned how I knew he was a Vet.  I smiled and told him I too was a vet, as was my husband. 

He BEEMED!  His wife smile and said, “Oh no, hope you are prepared for some stories!!”  We talked for a while, and he shook both my husband’s hand as well as mine. 


I miss the Air Force, but it was my time to move on after 20 years…but in my heart I will always do my best to keep serving by supporting my husband and all the other amazing military members both past and present that are in my life. 


Take a moment, and thank a vet.  You don’t know how much it means to hear, “Thank you for your service.”  Because so many barely recognize the hardships and struggles a military member deals with every single day. 

8 thoughts on “Thank a Vet for your freedom”

  1. Great reminder. My hubs is still active duty and he very much appreciates any word of appreciation..Thank you for your service Michelle! Thank you for sacrificing a different life so we can still enjoy so many amazing freedoms. Thank your hubs as well for me will ya?!?!


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