Truly Thankful Thursday

This post may be all over the place, so bear with me in advance.   

I am thankful for my life, with its ups and downs, crazy turns, and all the stops and starts that have happened over the years.  Often times we think life has gotten the best of us, yet a kind word, a shoulder of support, or simply someone saying “How are YOU today” can go so far.  I have an awesome support system despite some twists and turns, and I see that daily as certain events happen.

I wasn’t going to post this…but I need to get it off my chest so it will possibly seem less scary.  Last weekend, I found a dreaded “lump” in my right breast.  I haven’t told hardly anyone, but it became real today when I got an appointment with one of our best breast surgeons at Edward Hospital.  I was scared, more so terrified to even ask for help getting an appointment, but when I went to one of our head Pathologists today-he made the call immediately and showed me true concern.  My appointment is on Tuesday, and I would SO appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Back up nearly 20 years, and know that I have had 2 lumps removed in the past.  One was found when I was 21 and one when I was 27.  Both were benign, thank goodness, but with a Grandmother who passed due to breast cancer I am forever diligent in my monthly self-exams.  I see women of all ages DAILY get diagnosed with breast cancer, and have lost a couple dear friends to the same disease at ages younger than myself.  (I implore ALL women to do their monthly checks…please!).  The lump is small, pea sized in fact, but it is firm-and it’s apparent, so I will see what the doctor says next week. 

So, with that being said, today I am thankful for my health and pray this again is a “nothing.”

I ran today…I wanted to try and squeeze in my long run, and managed an amazing QUICK 8.34 miles.  My garmin is pissing me off, so I used my runtastic app, and held strong the entire run.  I stopped every 3 miles to drink and fuel, and took salt caps at mile 5.  I even managed a 10K PR of 59:50ish.  YAHOO!!!!  I mentally needed this run, and felt with each step myself getting stronger.  I went to my favorite place to run on the Fox River, and just let the path lead me…I was going for 6 miles just in case my sinus’s acted up or my knee got wonky, but the farther I ran, the better I felt.  I almost shot for 10 miles, but lost sunlight so called it at 8.34 miles. 
My favorite place to run!  Right along the Fox River


New Kicks, breaking in for my upcoming races

Back tracking just a touch, I am also thankful for my job, my home, and the food that is always on my table.  As I ran, I turned the corner and say the food pantry in Batavia lined up with dozens of people.  I tried to smile at them as they watched me run past the line, but they heartache in their eyes hurt me to the core.  May I never complain about traffic, a busy day at work, or burnt chicken on the stove.  It’s just not worth it…I am truly blessed. 
❤ Chelle

15 thoughts on “Truly Thankful Thursday”

  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your health scare. Hopefully, this is benign and can be taken care of quickly. "Less-than-pea-sized" probably means that you detected it early (which is good), correct? You are right-on about how our day-to-day small problems don't mean a darn thing in the grand scheme of life. Positive energy sent to you as well..


  2. I tried on the same ones the other day, they feel like clouds you are right! When I can afford it I am getting them. Figured now was silly since I am still covered in stitches! :>I am proud of you for taking this small lump and getting that apoointment, your people in life such as myself worried when you told me but know it is a "Nothing". I know with your personal and family history still scary. You will be fine, in the mean time we are all rallying for you and here if you need. I think a phone date is in order soon. I know I could use that shoulder big time.You are also right, we must, must, must count our blessings! Much love.<3


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