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1 year anniversary!!!

Today is my one year “Florida-anniversary!!!” Can you believe it’s been a year!?!? I can’t!

In that year’s time, a lot in my life has changed. Some good, some I’ll call not so good, and some indifferent. But mostly ALL good!!

I thought I’d have a little fun and just list some of my findings over this last year. These are in  no real particular order, except for the first two items. They are my favorite things.

1 The beach is my all-time favorite place. I happiest lounging in my chair or floating in the ocean with a hat on my head, sunglasses on, and all my cares a million miles away, even if only briefly. Our favorite local beach is Pass-A-Grille in St. Pete, and we’ve also visited Clearwater, Siesta Key, John’s Pass, Madeira Island, Treasure Island, Hollywood and Anna Maria Island as far as beaches.

2 All things Disney. When I am there with my family it’s almost as if all of our stressors have completely blown away with each rise and fall of the coasters. The smell of popcorn in the air make me so happy and like I am a kid again. It also seems to lift all of my husband’s stressors (having done 2 deployments now) away, which is greatly needed.

3 I miss my family and friends back in IL, and I miss the fall season as it’s one of my favorite seasons other than summer. I miss the great city of Chicago, as well!!! I will always have a love affair with that city!!!

4 Alligators and insects and general wildlife in Florida are a bit terrifying. Walking through our neighborhood trails often feels like I am on the set of Jurassic park. When the sand cranes let out their call, I swear it sounds like a teradactle. CAW CAW CAW!

5 I miss my old coworkers/job, a lot. While the pay/benefits/locality is far superior here in FL, I miss the amazing team I got to work with in IL. (not that I don’t have a good team here-I just have a few challenges, LOL) I don’t, however, miss working the weekends, LOL!!!

6 We’ve started to bond with new friends, and it’s nice to have people to call on when you need them. When you live far away from your family, you need a good support system and I feel like we are starting to build a good one.

7 My favorite part of FL is St. Pete. So far that is where we are talking about settling once our youngest is graduated and settled on her own. Crazy to think that is only 6 years away.

8 I’ve finally started running again after an off/on love affair with the sport. I can’t say I love it again yet, but it’s slowing becoming habit. The Florida heat is no joke to run in, and I look forward to fall temps where humidity is drastically decreased. We are running the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon in November, so it’s time to really get some miles in. Thankfully I’ve been consistently walking and intermittently running so I am quite confident it’ll be a fun race.

9 Our life has really changed with the decrease in taxes, and all the fun things to do here. We spend so much more time outside than we have in years, and this makes me happy.

10 Because of #9, my writing has decreased dramatically, but I am really trying to keep at it because I have always loved writing.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith and just moved across the country to a place you don’t have family/friends? (I was lucky enough to learn one of my good friends from the Air Force just lives 45 minutes north of us, but didn’t learn that until announcing my move here!) What are your favorite and not so favorite things about where you live?


Here are a few of my favorite moments and new and old friends.


16 thoughts on “1 year anniversary!!!”

  1. Holy Moly….how is that possible!!

    Its sounds like you all made a good decision and are enjoying your time in Fl. I can see how your outdoor time has increased…I would find it so hard to come inside!!

    Continued blessings, fortune and joy my friend!!

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  2. It’s been a year already? Wow, time flies! Three short weeks after my husband and I got married, we packed up our apartment and moved across country from Virginia to Utah for grad school. We didn’t know a single person there, but made friends quickly.

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  3. What a cool post. Very happy for you and your family moving to a place where you appear to be both adaptable and satisfied with your new surroundings. It takes faith and fortitude to pick up and move to an unfamiliar place. Best wishes with the half-marathon and all that life throws at you.

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