Thanks for all of the kind words lately. While I’ve struggled with things to post about, I thought I’d share a thankful post in pics. Here goes. I was lucky enough to host thanksgiving and my sisters family came to spend the day with us. The hubby called. TWICE. Lastly I took my daughters to the city this weekend where we are all the food and caught all the sales. The picture of Sophia with Santa is heartwarming. See, she asked him to bring her Daddy home safe. He even got teary. And of course no thankful post would be completely without a pic of Sammy. 

How was your thanksgiving? Did you cook? What are you thankful for? 



26 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. It looks like a fabulous Thanksgiving, although I know it was tough too. I guess that’s the way life is — you can’t have the good without some bad sometimes.

    You are doing such a fabulous job with your girls, never doubt it — there will always be tiffs, but the love shines through the photos.

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  2. You are doing a spectacular job – making lemonade out of lemons! It looked like you and the girls had a splendid time. Was the show fun??

    Next year, you will look back at this holiday and wonder how you did it so well – because you did celebrate in style (you have the bacon wrapped turkey picture to prove it)!


  3. That’s great you got to talk to the hubby twice, so awesome we have technology now days that allows talking to military with ease!
    Let your hubby know your blogger friends thank him for his service and all pray for his safe return! We also thank you and your girls for your sacrifices without him right now!
    Looks like you and your girls had a fun weekend. I bet the play was awesome, that’s one I wouldn’t mind seeing one day!

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