Things you may not know about me Part 2-Things I don’t like

For those who took read Part 1, and shared your own likes-THANKS!  I had fun with this series.  We are wrapping the series up with the things I don’t like, so here they are in no particular order-except for number 1, that truly is the number ONE thing I don’t like.

  • being lied to…in any form or fashion.  Be honest people.  It WILL catch up with you.
  • body hair.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Lima beans
  • cold weather-to include the white stuff.  Mother Nature can keep it ALL.
  • water in my ears/nose/eyes
  • horror movies
  • alarm clocks
  • premenopause and all the horror that comes with it #thestruggleISreal
  • injury
  • death
  • beer-unless it’s at a ball game
  • bad table manners, to include LOUD chewing, elbows on the table and talking with your mouth full.  Insert a pic of my hubby-HERE. lol
  • being startled.  Maybe it’s anxiety thing, but DON’T sneak up on me to “scare” me for fun.  I will jump out of my skin, Every. Damn. Time.
  • driving at night.
  • stuffy noses, especially my own.  I NEED TO BREATHE lol
  • soda
  • flossing my teeth
  • that feeling you get in your mouth, when you haven’t flossed your teeth
  • water chestnuts.  It’s like eating chalk.  Bleh!
  • chafing
  • debt
  • fake friends, to include fair weather friends and one sided friendships.  Somethin’s gotta give, right?
  • laundry (this might be my number 2…just sayin’)
  • high heels. I look like a 5 year old trying on her Mom’s shoes for the first time when I walk in them.  ROFL!
  • One-uppers-You know, the people have to have done EVERYTHING, been everywhere and own everything that you do…twice.
  • uncomfortable silence
  • flying bugs
  • people that don’t like Disney

And quite possibly, this list…LOL!!!  Maybe I need to just let things and not be so quirky, but nah.  I am who I am, LOL

In keeping with my Julie Andrews theme...because I DO like her!  LOL
In keeping with my Julie Andrews theme…because I DO like her! LOL

What are some things that drive you batty?  Any thing you don’t like that you’d like (haha, see how I did that?!) to share?

Thanks to all who participated in the fun!  I just wanted to change things up, and had fun writing these up in my free time.  Enjoy!

❤ Michelle

24 Comments on “Things you may not know about me Part 2-Things I don’t like

  1. I can relate with the white stuff, was cool to fantasize about it as a child when watching Christmas movies but experiencing it -makes you wonder why so many people love it.

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  2. Mouth noises. I can’t stand it. When eating, when talking (if someone is thirsty and their mouth makes that sticking sound), swallowing, all of that. fucking gross.

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  3. People standing behind me reading what I’m reading…HATE that!
    People (particularly my kiddos) saying “I’m starving to death”. You have NO idea (and neither do I!)
    MOTHER effin’ spiders…there’s just NO reason for them!!! 😉😝

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  4. I think we really must be soul sisters – cause again, you’ve hit everything on my list – except soda…I know I shouldn’t drink and I try to stop drinking it, but Cherry Coke calls my name every damn time I see it 😦


  5. Fun list – I think somewhere between my wife and I we would list most of those things. The menopause … she’s going through it, but we all experience it! 🙂 I don’t mind fall and early winter … but when we get to multiple subzero days per week? Ugh … I still run outdoors, but not happy!

    There was a Dilbert character named ‘Topper’ who always had the better story … I think we all know someone like that!

    Thanks again for sharing!

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  6. Pet peeve…my husband dips things into peanut butter and leaves crumbs…totally skeeves me out, lol.

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