Things you may not know about me Part 2-Things I don’t like

For those who took read Part 1, and shared your own likes-THANKS!  I had fun with this series.  We are wrapping the series up with the things I don’t like, so here they are in no particular order-except for number 1, that truly is the number ONE thing I don’t like.

  • being lied to…in any form or fashion.  Be honest people.  It WILL catch up with you.
  • body hair.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Lima beans
  • cold weather-to include the white stuff.  Mother Nature can keep it ALL.
  • water in my ears/nose/eyes
  • horror movies
  • alarm clocks
  • premenopause and all the horror that comes with it #thestruggleISreal
  • injury
  • death
  • beer-unless it’s at a ball game
  • bad table manners, to include LOUD chewing, elbows on the table and talking with your mouth full.  Insert a pic of my hubby-HERE. lol
  • being startled.  Maybe it’s anxiety thing, but DON’T sneak up on me to “scare” me for fun.  I will jump out of my skin, Every. Damn. Time.
  • driving at night.
  • stuffy noses, especially my own.  I NEED TO BREATHE lol
  • soda
  • flossing my teeth
  • that feeling you get in your mouth, when you haven’t flossed your teeth
  • water chestnuts.  It’s like eating chalk.  Bleh!
  • chafing
  • debt
  • fake friends, to include fair weather friends and one sided friendships.  Somethin’s gotta give, right?
  • laundry (this might be my number 2…just sayin’)
  • high heels. I look like a 5 year old trying on her Mom’s shoes for the first time when I walk in them.  ROFL!
  • One-uppers-You know, the people have to have done EVERYTHING, been everywhere and own everything that you do…twice.
  • uncomfortable silence
  • flying bugs
  • people that don’t like Disney

And quite possibly, this list…LOL!!!  Maybe I need to just let things and not be so quirky, but nah.  I am who I am, LOL

In keeping with my Julie Andrews theme...because I DO like her!  LOL
In keeping with my Julie Andrews theme…because I DO like her! LOL

What are some things that drive you batty?  Any thing you don’t like that you’d like (haha, see how I did that?!) to share?

Thanks to all who participated in the fun!  I just wanted to change things up, and had fun writing these up in my free time.  Enjoy!

❤ Michelle

24 thoughts on “Things you may not know about me Part 2-Things I don’t like”

  1. Mouth noises. I can’t stand it. When eating, when talking (if someone is thirsty and their mouth makes that sticking sound), swallowing, all of that. fucking gross.

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  2. I think we really must be soul sisters – cause again, you’ve hit everything on my list – except soda…I know I shouldn’t drink and I try to stop drinking it, but Cherry Coke calls my name every damn time I see it 😦


  3. Fun list – I think somewhere between my wife and I we would list most of those things. The menopause … she’s going through it, but we all experience it! 🙂 I don’t mind fall and early winter … but when we get to multiple subzero days per week? Ugh … I still run outdoors, but not happy!

    There was a Dilbert character named ‘Topper’ who always had the better story … I think we all know someone like that!

    Thanks again for sharing!

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