Time for vaca!! Wordless Wednesday, nearly…

Hey gang, sorry I’ve been so quiet. A lot has been going on in my life, and I am trying to sort through it all.  This caused me to step back, unplug, and focus on finding my center again.  After a full marathon, I always tend to get the blues as I said before…this time was no different.

BUT…I am happy to report I’ve been walking A LOT during my lunch break (we only get 30-45 minutes so not enough time for a run unless I REALLY want to offend my coworkers with my after run stench, LOL), and even laced up and RAN for the first time in a couple weeks on Monday.

Very slow, very humid, and very blissful miles
Very slow, very humid, and very blissful miles

I’ve also been cooking a lot more, and even BAKED this past weekend.  It was store bought puff pastry, but hey…I made the peach preserves that were inside!

My take on sausage and peppers...but with chicken sausage and rice pasta!  YUM!
My take on sausage and peppers…but with chicken sausage and rice pasta! YUM!

Lastly…my family is packed up and ready to head out for our first family vacation (other than local staycations) in 3 years.  Long overdue, and NEEDED!  This will be my view in less than 24 hrs:

I may never return home! LOL!
I may never return home! LOL!

With that, I bid you all a wonderful week.  I plan on unplugging and recharging over the next few days!!!!

Keep movin’ forward, y’all!

❤ Michelle

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