Two things, Tuesday…

Tonight marks the eve of school starting in the Chicagoland area.  My oldest starts her journey in HIGH SCHOOL tomorrow, and my youngest starts her 3rd grade year in elementary school.


My nostalgia is at an all time high, so I spent the evening helping the girls clean their rooms, pack their bags, and pick out their first day of school outfits since my work hours don’t allow me to see them for more than a few minutes in the morning.  I choked back the tears after just hugging my eldest “J” wishing her a good day at school tomorrow. “Don’t cry, Mom” she said…”I’m not crying” I responded despite choking back the tears.   THIS girl, who has given me more grief than I care to admit, holds a special place in my heart for it was just her and I for nearly 4 years.  I divorced shortly after she was born, and from then on out it was me and her.  Her.  And me.  And we make a pretty darn good pair despite butting heads more days than not.

My youngest is my spit fire…my little zest for life who could care less about schedule or time.  Her passion for life makes my heart sing, and my head hurt as I struggle with teachers to get her to focus vs. daydream and want to create.  I don’t want to squelch her zest, but reeling it in the last few years has caused me more stress than I care to admit.  How does one balance this passion?  I know, with time…she’ll get it.  But in the mean time, her passion and smile keep me singing…both on the trails and in my home. Look at these smiles…life. is.  good.



I have reclaimed my love for running with a partner.  And this just isn’t any ole partner.  It’s my husband.

I came home from work today tired.  Last night we were hit with crazy thunderstorms and I slept all of maybe 3 hours.  I wanted to crawl into a tiny little ball on my recliner and nap.  Yet as I walked into the door after work, there was my husband ready in his running clothes and welcoming me with a smile and a kiss.  I ensured the kids and dog were fed, and changed my clothes for our 5k run that was on our training schedule.  It was hot. Nearly 90 degrees hot.  But we ran.  I had a hard time the first mile, but settled in quickly at a 9:30ish pace.  Not where near where our race pace needs to be, but less than our long run pace lately.  And I found myself running, singing, dancing to my own beat…settling in on a cadence only I know…we stopped a couple times to drink, complained about the humidity, and continued on.  And despite the humidity, we smiled…high fived.  And moved forward. In just four weeks we will be crossing the finish line for my husband’s first half marathon.  And I am in awe already of his dedication for training.


So my two things Tuesday encompass family and friends.  You know…the ones that are always there despite all time lows or all time highs.  And, a little bit of this…


Sweet dreams, Movers.  Remember to hang on to those constants.  They won’t let you down.

❤ Michelle



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