New 6 month goal map


Time for new goals…

I swore I’d never run another full marathon after the Chicago marathon last year.  But after running the first training run as a half marathon pacer this past summer, the bug bit me hard, and I was thankful I signed up for the flex option.  This option allows you to decide on packet pick up day which race you want to run…13.1, 20 miler, or 26.2.  As you all know, I grabbed that 26.2 bib with a vengeance, and will never look back. 

So now, with my second full marathon on my belt, I have to decide what my new goals are going to be…Sub 4 marathon?  HAHAHA…just joking.  No, I plan on concentrating on a few other things.  I was blessed this past Sunday that the running Gods were with me, and I don’t plan on testing the full marathon waters again, any time soon.

So my 6 month goal plan is this for the winter:

1.    Stick with my limited/no gluten eating.  I have dropped 5 lbs, and have 5 to go…I see that wheat belly fading after just 4 weeks of limiting wheat/gluten. 

2.    Work on my form…I notice the farther I run, the more ‘hunched’ I get, and I know it isn’t proper form.  The pictures my family took this past Sunday were amazing, but truly showed me that as the miles tacked on, my form SUCKED more and more. 

3.    Build up my quads to help strengthen my knee.  (Yes a squat challenge WILL be happening).

4.    Kick my sub 2 hour ½ marathon goal in the tail.  This will truly be my focus over the fall/winter/spring months.  I am so close at a 2:02. 

5.    Remain positive in life, be it work, family, or running.  

6.    Focus on what I HAVE, WHO I have in my life, and the blessings I see daily.  Not everyone will be our cheerleader in life…but man I sure have some great support.

7.    Keep dreaming BIG, and working hard.  I know ‘it’ will happen eventually. 

Not sure how many half marathons I will sign up for this season, but I do know the half is my favorite ‘distance’ race, and I plan to kill it.  Repeatedly.

I need to keep moving forward, and leave the rest behind me. 
THIS is pure joy

So tonight I signed up for my 8th half marathon which is in 2 weeks, in a venue I have never traveled. 

I know one person running this race via facebook, but have no close friends running it.  So this race will mark my place in the running world, as a solo racer.  That is my one, possible ‘downfall’ of being a runner.  I don’t race well with others.  (Except my sister, LOL)

I LOVE to train with others, but my race has always been mine, and mine alone.  It’s MY time, my race, and my effort all wrapped into a few hours of my life that I know I will never forget.  For each race is a journey…and this is why I love RACING.  

So with my new goals laid out, I leave you with this…you can keep moving forward, or you can let others squash your joy.  What will you choose?  Do you race with friends or prefer solo?



9 thoughts on “New 6 month goal map”

  1. I never race with friends. You have to run your own race and your running friends will understand that. If you want to work on form and getting faster then you should do hill repeats. It does not get much better than Johnson's Mound. It is a very short workout, but you will feel good afterwards.


  2. Its funny, I would rather train primarily solo, but I love running races with friends. For some reason my training runs are special to me. It is my time with the Lord and I crave that solitude and the races come and I love all the excitement and energy. What race are you doing in two weeks?


  3. I'm the same – train with friends but when it comes to race day it's every man for himself. I've done a couple of races where I've run with friends for a while but we've never finished together.


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