Week 12 of Marathon training, COMPLETE…

Week 12 of marathon training completed…yup.  I logged 32 miles this week, and hit 511 miles for the year!!!  I am so darn stoked. 

Monday-rest day…

Tuesday-4 mile run/plank 40 seconds

Wednesday-10 mile bike ride

Thursday-4 mile run/plank 45 seconds

Friday-12 mile long run/plank 45 seconds—This run was different, because I set out to run my solo miles, well, solo…But at the 4 mile mark I was already struggling mentally-so I texted one of the most awesome runner friends I know…and she got me through the last 8 miles…<3 her. 

Saturday-went to my sister’s house for my nieces and nephew birthday party, at which I ate terribly, drank several drinks, and what?  I had a darn blast with friends and family…<3

Sunday-relaxed, did chores, and even managed to get a quick 1.5 mile run in before the skies opened up.  We also did a chopped challenge and here is what I made!  Yes, I have always dreamed of being a Chef, so I take these family ‘challenges’ quite seriously! 

This week will bring on a busy week of work, getting kids ready for their first week of school starting next week, and my 18 miler on Sunday.  Lord willing I will be strong enough to pull it off…I know last week was hard, and I am still unsure how I made it through training and crazy hours at work!  I sadly woke up Saturday morning with terrible bubble gut, and knew my system was completely in overdrive.  Does anyone else get this terrible stomach issue AFTER a long run/long week?  I am guessing it is my old IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) creeping up its ugly head, but I am determined to beat it. 

I feel a bit odd not having any other races scheduled this summer, but I felt it best in navigating my home and work life to just concentrate on the marathon.  I was going to be an Ambassador for the Fort to Base run, but knew I would be taking on too much so I backed out a month or so ago. 

I don’t like to quit, or give up on something I have committed to do, but I also know my limitations. 

With that said, bring on my 13th week of training, and my 18 mile run which I’ll be pacing ALONE on Sunday.  I can, and will, DO THIS…Lord willing. 



6 thoughts on “Week 12 of Marathon training, COMPLETE…”

  1. I believe you can pull off that 18 miler alone. Just have a good playlist going and let your mind wander off to good places. Next thing you know, you will be almost done with your run!Good luck!


  2. I've only ever done my long runs by myself. They are a good way for me to clear my head and to prepare mentally for how the real marathon will be, especially since I am usually racing alone (except for the occasional kind words to and from strangers). Keep it up! You are almost there! 🙂


  3. Nice going! That's an incredible week ~ very impressive.Bubble gut! That made me laugh. I used to get that, too, and it's not funny, but the name is. The doc said I had IBS but I decided on my own to go gluten-free. Did that 13 years ago and seriously, I've never felt better. Turns out I'm very gluten sensitive. Might be worth looking into.Take care!


  4. like Pete, I've always done my long runs…..actually ALL of my runs…..by myself. No iPod….no phone….just me and the road. Very zen…..you'll do great, because you're a WARRIOR!!!!


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