Egg Shell Shuffle Race recap!

Race recap

The day started out early, as most race days do.  I was worried, as I hadn’t ran in nearly 2 weeks minus a mile or two here or there. I’ve gained a few lbs. and am bloated to hell and back. My nose was still running, but I refused to not run.

Erin picked me up at 7:15, and we made it to the race at around 7:45.  We had to park nearly a mile away, but we were able to meet up with the Chicago running bloggers and it was great meeting new people and seeing faces I have only seen on blogs/fb. 

Erin and I decided we would start out together, and if one of us wanted to move on we would without worry.  At around the three mile mark I felt my legs wanting to stretch out, so I took off swiftly, and really was thinking a PR was in my future.  But around mile 7, we were in open fields, and the wind decided to pick up and make my runny nose, well, RUN.  I couldn’t get it together and kept wiping my nose and struggling with my fuel belt.  But I kept running…I tried so hard to not lose the previous miles due to unforeseen crap!  I saw Erin as after the turn around, and it was great high fiving as we passed one another.  Mile nine came, and while wiping my nose I nearly took a NOSE dive into the grass.  Ugh…I had to stop, pick up my “snot rag” off the ground, and take a deep breath…
Love the smile I have in this shot
Awesome running friends, Erin and Carina

So I kept running…I had to pee…my nose was raw…and the wind started to cause my lungs to hurt.  Mile 10 came, and I kept telling myself, “You only have a 5K left…”  But it hurt, and my IT band was screaming.  I felt myself getting discouraged, and then an Angel came out of nowhere at mile 11…MY SISTER.  I nearly cried when I saw her running towards me, and her encouragement and just having her by my side got me through the last 2 miles.  I hadn’t seen a friendly face in miles, and she filled my heart and soul with just what I needed to finish, and finish strong.  I knew a sub 2 was out of the question, but I was determined to get a PR.  AND I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2:06 FOR 13.1 MILES.  YAHOOOOOO!  I knocked 5 minutes nearly off my PR time!  This isn’t speedy for some, but for me it was just amazing.  I got choked up at the end, as I do for nearly every race, and can’t explain how happy I am to have finished this strong. 
Proud PR finish
My family, who may think I am nuts, yet came out to support me anyhow!

I will use next weekend’s half as a simply training run, and try not to push it too hard.  (Yes, I said this for this race too, but I don’t want to injure myself so pray I can hold back).   

This run was probably the hardest ½ I’ve done…more so mentally as I somehow needed that PR.  But guess what, hard work pays off…go get it if you want it!

41 thoughts on “Egg Shell Shuffle Race recap!”

  1. I think it's just crazy to have such an awesome run after being so sick and not running. I guess your body was ready to run! Or maybe just ready to be done with it 😉 Either way…congrats on the PR!! I hope you can hold back next weekend. But just run how you feel…you never know!Ps. That IS a speedy time.


  2. Congrats on the pR!! So happy for you!! 🙂 5 minutes is a lot of time to hack off!Second, I love your tights! I'm a sucker for colorful tights and those look amazing!3rd, after not running much the past few weeks because of being sick and still getting a massive PR, all I can say is there's definitely a sub 2 in those legs with some more consistency!


  3. Wow! Awesome time, great finish, plus a PR!!! Excellent job 🙂 I hope you're walking with a little pep in your step today 😉 You should be! Congratulations!!My half is coming up in 2 weeks. I sooooo badly want to PR it. I know I can run the distance, now it's just keeping up a pace that'll allow me to get a PR. It's such a 'in the moment' thing. You just never know. I guess that's why I'm so addicted to running,LOL.


  4. I ran through them, but always took water to sip on along the way…I "shuffled" through the last one, but do my best to NEVER walk as it mentally screws me. I had 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with chia seeds for breakfast about an hour before the race, and a pack of jellys at the 5 mile mark, and 11 mile mark. My stomach can get pissy, so I keep it very simple. I don't GU, although will sometimes use shot blocks.


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