Egg Shell Shuffle Race recap!

Race recap

The day started out early, as most race days do.  I was worried, as I hadn’t ran in nearly 2 weeks minus a mile or two here or there. I’ve gained a few lbs. and am bloated to hell and back. My nose was still running, but I refused to not run.

Erin picked me up at 7:15, and we made it to the race at around 7:45.  We had to park nearly a mile away, but we were able to meet up with the Chicago running bloggers and it was great meeting new people and seeing faces I have only seen on blogs/fb. 

Erin and I decided we would start out together, and if one of us wanted to move on we would without worry.  At around the three mile mark I felt my legs wanting to stretch out, so I took off swiftly, and really was thinking a PR was in my future.  But around mile 7, we were in open fields, and the wind decided to pick up and make my runny nose, well, RUN.  I couldn’t get it together and kept wiping my nose and struggling with my fuel belt.  But I kept running…I tried so hard to not lose the previous miles due to unforeseen crap!  I saw Erin as after the turn around, and it was great high fiving as we passed one another.  Mile nine came, and while wiping my nose I nearly took a NOSE dive into the grass.  Ugh…I had to stop, pick up my “snot rag” off the ground, and take a deep breath…
Love the smile I have in this shot
Awesome running friends, Erin and Carina

So I kept running…I had to pee…my nose was raw…and the wind started to cause my lungs to hurt.  Mile 10 came, and I kept telling myself, “You only have a 5K left…”  But it hurt, and my IT band was screaming.  I felt myself getting discouraged, and then an Angel came out of nowhere at mile 11…MY SISTER.  I nearly cried when I saw her running towards me, and her encouragement and just having her by my side got me through the last 2 miles.  I hadn’t seen a friendly face in miles, and she filled my heart and soul with just what I needed to finish, and finish strong.  I knew a sub 2 was out of the question, but I was determined to get a PR.  AND I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2:06 FOR 13.1 MILES.  YAHOOOOOO!  I knocked 5 minutes nearly off my PR time!  This isn’t speedy for some, but for me it was just amazing.  I got choked up at the end, as I do for nearly every race, and can’t explain how happy I am to have finished this strong. 
Proud PR finish
My family, who may think I am nuts, yet came out to support me anyhow!

I will use next weekend’s half as a simply training run, and try not to push it too hard.  (Yes, I said this for this race too, but I don’t want to injure myself so pray I can hold back).   

This run was probably the hardest ½ I’ve done…more so mentally as I somehow needed that PR.  But guess what, hard work pays off…go get it if you want it!

41 Comments on “Egg Shell Shuffle Race recap!

  1. Wow!! I think your time was amazing!! Way to go! And another half marathon next weekend? You are my she-ro, girl!! 😀


  2. Fantastic race, snot and all you kept going and never let it get you down. Mega congratulations on your PR your times are aspirational xx


  3. I think it's just crazy to have such an awesome run after being so sick and not running. I guess your body was ready to run! Or maybe just ready to be done with it 😉 Either way…congrats on the PR!! I hope you can hold back next weekend. But just run how you feel…you never know!Ps. That IS a speedy time.


  4. Congrats on the pR!! So happy for you!! 🙂 5 minutes is a lot of time to hack off!Second, I love your tights! I'm a sucker for colorful tights and those look amazing!3rd, after not running much the past few weeks because of being sick and still getting a massive PR, all I can say is there's definitely a sub 2 in those legs with some more consistency!


  5. Wow! Awesome time, great finish, plus a PR!!! Excellent job 🙂 I hope you're walking with a little pep in your step today 😉 You should be! Congratulations!!My half is coming up in 2 weeks. I sooooo badly want to PR it. I know I can run the distance, now it's just keeping up a pace that'll allow me to get a PR. It's such a 'in the moment' thing. You just never know. I guess that's why I'm so addicted to running,LOL.


  6. Wondering, did you stop at all hydration stations along the course? What did you bring for fuel?


  7. You did so well – even just to run when you've been sick is an achievement but to run and get a PR, that's just fantastic.


  8. I ran through them, but always took water to sip on along the way…I "shuffled" through the last one, but do my best to NEVER walk as it mentally screws me. I had 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with chia seeds for breakfast about an hour before the race, and a pack of jellys at the 5 mile mark, and 11 mile mark. My stomach can get pissy, so I keep it very simple. I don't GU, although will sometimes use shot blocks.


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