Moving forward with a new name! Thanks for everyone’s input!

The new and improved banterings of ME! 



So today was any normal day at work.  Me still finding my way, yet finding it more and more despite hard times…But I feel better about my job each day as time goes on…and I hope and pray that continues. 

Marathon training is officially OVER!  Wow…although an 18 week program was what I followed, I started the unofficial training 10 months ago and ran 2 half marathons this past spring/early summer.  I ran nearly 600 miles to date so far, and although that isn’t a TON for a lot of runners, well, it’s a BOAT LOAD for me.  A handful of those miles were walking and biking, but very few. 
Still pretty proud of my name being on the wall this year for the Chicago Marathon…:-)


With that, I realize now that my legs are SUPER muscular, but the rest of me was ignored.  I sadly forgot the full body work outs the last couple months, and so the ten lbs. I now carry need to be either 1. Shed or 2. Toned. 

Today I loaded up my “LoseIt” app on my Iphone and decided it was time to get in total shape, not just running shape.  I am now tracking my food and calories as WELL as my work outs.  I am still very sore, tired, tight, and emotionally drained but know I can’t quit now.




To start the day I had sports beans. Yeah, I am addicted to running food.  I eat these on the way to work to get me going.

For breakfast I had two egg beaters and two pieces of turkey sausage.

Lunch was a yummy bowl of Turkey noodle soup and some crackers. 

For dinner I had a cup of homemade spaghetti.


After dinner Jordyn and I changed clothes and hoped on our bikes for a quick easy ride before it got dark outside.  It was nice to get “Betty” back on the road.  I missed her.  We made it 6.24 miles before darkness hit as well as the sky opening up to some night rain showers.  It truly felt amazing.  I plan to do cardio and strength work outs alternating days and go from there.  I realized that although I needed to rest after my 20 miler, it truly was my demise in the end because EVERYTHING was too tight. 

Meet, Betty…my Walmart Schwinn!  Love her!


3.1 miles in (halfway mark) we stopped for some silliness-is that a word?

So my new goals are to strengthen my legs in order to support my knee, as well as SLOWLY get back in to running. 

People keep asking “When is your next marathon?” and I wish I had an answer.  I don’t know that I will do another, yet…I need to get healthy first!  I have a couple small races in the near future, the first being the Dick Pond Hot Cocoa 8 miler on Saturday.  My plan for this race is to, well, NOT race.  I know, I know…who’d of thought those words would come out of my mouth?

But I will be there to walk/run and support my dear friend Carolyn who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since I started this madness. 

Lastly, a goal of mine is to write my own cookbook/take cooking classes.  This will be my next milestone!  I hope you all continue to join me! 

9 thoughts on “Moving forward with a new name! Thanks for everyone’s input!”

  1. Your daughter is so cool 🙂 I love the new blog title and everything else. I follow most blogs through facebook so now that you have a page I'll be visiting more often 😉 lol


  2. … a very belated congratulations on your first marathon, Michelle. I'm so excited for your accomplishment! Btw, I gain weight during marathon training every time. This time around, I will not weigh myself until a couple of weeks after my race. I like the new blog name!


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