T-14 days…Happy Monday eve!

My day was busy, yet uneventful…

I got up and bid Jordyn’s friends farewell after a very successful sleepover.    I had a hair appointment to get my hair trimmed and highlighted, but after arriving and seeing they were an hour behind I quietly came home irritated…

But then I stopped…really?  That upset over missing a hair appointment?  Yeah, my roots look terrible and I was looking forward to some long overdue “me” time, but heck…it’s only hair people.  I went nearly 20 years without getting my hair professionally done…what’s a few more days?

So I came home and tackled the laundry while playing on the computer.  I settled back into my jammies, and enjoyed cooking dinner for my family.  The hubby grilled steaks, and I made brown rice flavored with salt, pepper, garlic and turmeric.  We also had a bean salad we bought from Costco.  Score. 

I ordered myself a new knee brace as the last year has taken its toll on the one I currently own. 

I use Pro-tec knee braces, and love them!  Here is their website!

Tomorrow I will run no matter the conditions, even if it is just a couple miles.  I don’t want to lose my stamina, and more importantly don’t want to lose everything I have worked for.  I know the next two weeks are tapering, but I still want to get my workouts in, while avoiding injury.

Lastly, I made our dinners for the week-a huge pasta primavera.  I use whole wheat gluten free pasta, as well as all organic ingredients when possible.  I marinated the chicken for 2 days in garlic, olive oil, and my favorite seasonings. 

I chopped 4 cloves of garlic, baby red, yellow and orange peppers, as well as half of a red onion.  Sautee until translucent, and add in the chicken.  Add the cooked noodles, a small pat of unsalted butter, and VOILA!  Yum, and my family has healthy meals for the week. 

I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that in 2 weeks I will have run a marathon at this time…just a year ago right now I was full of self-doubt…yet I have already ran 20 miles, TWICE.  Not much for some of you uber runners, but HUGE for me…

Yahoo!  May this week be a blessed week full of success, faith, hope, and the desire to be better at everything we do!!!  Xoxo!

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