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Celebrating acts of kindness

I haven’t been writing much this year. You know, the whole Covid-19 thing, and the incessant spew of all things hate has really started to affect my mental health. I haven’t had much to say…so I’ve decided to start celebrating every act of kindness that I notice. Here is my first one, written last night and posted on my Facebook page.

Good evening, everyone! Anyone else feel like social media is filled with hate and anger? Anyone else tired of focusing on all things negative???

Meeeee too….

So tonight I share this real life adventure, if you will. Today we spent a few lovely hours at the beach and decided to grab an early dinner when we got rained out. We had a lovely meal, and headed out to my Jeep to head home.

We saw an elderly lady struggling with her walker and navigating holding her umbrella. My husband kindly said, “I should go help her!” He got out of the Jeep and walked over to her to offer a hand. She graciously accepted his help and they had a lovely conversation as he walked her into the restaurant. He didn’t rush her, and he took the time to listen to her stories. My heart was exploding and I am so happy I captured this photo.

Kindness is all around us. We need to focus on all these little moments because they truly matter the most.

Be well my friends. Life is a gift. Let’s celebrate it each and every day. 🙏🏻❤️



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