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What day is it today?

I swear I have lost my mind, and yesterday threw me on a roller coaster of emotions I had thankfully forgotten from our first deployment. Our final goodbyes for the year have been said, and I can honestly say that I am not sure how I survived the 60 minute drive home yesterday.  After being enveloped in my husband’s arms as we all sobbed, I just can’t put into words the raw emotion that we felt.  My daughters and I simply hung on to one another yesterday, and after tucking my youngest in as she cried herself to sleep, I knew I’d have my hands full this next year.

Even Sammy is missing him
He texted me this photo on his way to the airport. They were being escorted by veterans. SO cool.

So my sister challenged me, to keep busy, find a project,  and/or journal to help the quiet of the evenings hurt a little less.  So that’s the plan.  I’ve got several house projects to do on my list, and plan to write a lot more.  That’s the joy of my blog, it’s multifaceted, and not just about running.  Plus, it’s mine and I can write what I want to, LOL!!!

I still have to remind myself to breathe sometimes.  I have to choke back the sobs more times in the day than I can count.  But with each day that passes, it’s one day closer to his return.  And I am reminded daily of all the blessings in my life.  I walked in to work this morning to find this on my desk, a beautiful gesture from my entire staff.  #allthelove


I also received several texts, got a dozen hugs, and this awesome gift from my friend Kelly.  I wish I had words to describe how grateful I am for all the awesome people in my life.


And as the day came to a close and my kids played outside while I did laundry and cleaned I received a text from my oldest. “Mom, come outside and look at the sunset” She loves the sunrises and sunsets nearly as much as I do.


As we watched the sun set into the horizon, we hugged each other tightly and she whispered, “Love you…” and held her even tighter.

This will be a very tough year.  But we love each other so very much, that I believe in the end it will help us get through this even stronger.  The crazy emotions of the week have brought on a pretty terrible headache so I put off my workout for another day because I just can’t bear to be down for the count.  I’ll get back at it in no time.

Who’s your biggest supporter? Do you have beautiful sunrises and sunsets where you live? What’s your latest workout?

Cheers!!  ❤



41 thoughts on “What day is it today?”

  1. Thinking of you and praying for your husband, you, and your daughters during this next year. One day at a time… 💗


  2. Yes, we have gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and I have stood in awe more times than I can count just watching the colors change. That was a stunning one your daughter called you out for. I just know God has his arms around all of you and will comfort you when you need it the most. Writing will be so good and you are excellent at it. I so enjoy reading your blog. Let me know if I can help you in any way. ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Glad you all are ok!
    Desert sunsets and sunrises are amazing. I’ll have to post ones onetime! I actually just bought the same workout last week. I’ve been “trying it out.” It’s here finally so I’m with ya on that new workout too!

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  4. Oh my. This breaks my heart. You and your girls, I wish you the best this year. I know we can’t possibly say anything to make it better but we will be here to support you. Sending you the biggest hug possible! ❤️


  5. I bet your husband loves that you write a blog because he can read about what’s happening back home, and might read something you forgot to tell him about.

    I saw a beautiful sunrise this morning as I finished up my run. I tend to see more sunrises than sunsets because of the way our house is situated and most of our huge oaks are on the west side of our house. Even if I’m not out running, it’s open to our east so I can enjoy the beautiful sunrises.

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