My story, thanks Muscle Mom

I am writing this post, because I was asked to tell my story. 

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My story is only unique to ME.  I believe we all have our own stories, journeys, and paths…

I was a troubled child growing up.  There is no distinct reason that set me on my path of depression, for my life merely unfolded as everyone’s life does.  But to say I battled depression for the better part of my life is an understatement.  I lost family members to suicide which in turn put me in a downward spiral for more years than I can count. 

But in 7th grade I joined the track team more so to try and ‘fit in’ and I haven’t looked back since.  In all the trials and tribulations of my life, I have always gone back to ‘fitness’ as my source of therapy. 

I have loved, lost, been through divorce, and lived in the darkest of places. 

I am proud to say, at the age of nearly 40, for the first time in nearly 20 years I am currently weaning off depression medications.  I started taking medications to help my depression years ago, and although I have gone off of them several times-I always went back to being treated with medication. 

In 2006 I gave birth to my second child.  I suffered greatly from postpartum depression and have been on medication ever since.  But today…TODAY…I took my last pill.  I ran my first ½ marathon in 2007 because I NEEDED to…I ran my first FULL marathon this year, because I WANTED to.

My struggle has never really been with weight (give or take 10 lbs.) but more so self-confidence and peace. 

With that, I will continue to eat healthy, work out, and do all I can to inspire others.  I am now married to the love of my life, have a good career, and have high hopes for the future. 

4 thoughts on “My story, thanks Muscle Mom”

  1. Congrats on the last pill. Your story is very inspirational. I think if more people with depression and related issues took up exercise and had healthy lifestyles it might help them like it has helped you.


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