Week 6 of ½ marathon training

As most of you know, my ultimate goal/plan is to run the Chicago Marathon on October 7th.  And I have the Fox Valley 20 miler planned just 2 weeks prior in September. 

Knowing I needed to take baby steps on this journey, I registered for the Chi-town ½ which is being held in Schaumberg, IL on the 20th of May.  I figured this would keep me motivated, going, pushing, and running throughout the spring and early summer before my official training started.  My husband may be gone, but I have goals to push towards!

I STARTED running again in December, slow, yet steady, and am now finally feeling like I am “in training.”  Today, I wanted to come home from work and lay on the couch, but my 4 mile run called my name. 

I fed the kids; made sure the dog was taken out, and hit the neighborhood running/bike trails. My right entire  right leg was hurting, from my toes to my hip, but I know you can’t get to your goal without a little bit of struggling. 

And a struggle this run was…I was feeling a bit “off” which didn’t help…I’d have given anything to have my sister by my side-so spoiled Saturday…but I ran straight through two miles and gave myself a moment to regain momentum. The last two miles were dead against the wind, but I refused to let the wind, WIN.  Nope.  I may have had to stop on the bridge over Randall Rd to catch my breath…but I kept pushing.  I finished 4.15 miles in just over 38 minutes, and was greeted by my kids playing in the front yard. 

Odd note…I took my Epson salt bath, and got Sophia her bath as well.  But while getting dressed I finally started to see the difference this training is making.  I have altered my lifestyle, be it between eating, and working out-and it’s paying off (I hope!)! 

This made my day…

Tomorrow is cross training day, BRING IT ON!

24 thoughts on “Week 6 of ½ marathon training”

  1. look how fast you are getting..that is great! I always say I am the running turtle…you might be that energizing bunny…you just keep going and going and going…way to go! 😉


  2. Silly girl, our 20 miler is 3 weeks before, not 2 (9/16). Then we taper! You are doing great! Remember, if it's feeling hard, try to back off the pace and enjoy the run…xoxo


  3. Just because you had a blagh run does not mean they are all like that, you know there are WAY more good runs than bad runs. Keep up the great work 🙂


  4. It's cool how training builds its own momentum, too. Like, you WANT to sit home on the couch, but you CAN'T stand to. That said, my running lately has been anemic at best. Looking forward to a great run with a friend on Thursday. 🙂


  5. Lady M, you got this! I'm so proud of how you're doing….and I hope you are too. Keep up the good work and know that we're all cheering for you, every step of the way!


  6. Keep your chin up, Kate. I understand for sure-and wished I had friends to run with to help keep me going. I know the reason I did so well on Saturday is because Bobbi was right there with me!


  7. I LOVED reading this 🙂 you go Michelle!!!!! You are doing amazing and I am so proud of you. I can't even imagine this is the same person that commented on my blog a few months back 🙂 you can feel your self-esteem growing through the computer. I am so proud of you 😀 xoxoxox


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