Fall Favorites

My friend Christa over at A Voluptuous Mind tagged me in this little fun questionnaire, so I thought, “Why not?” This sounds like fun!

Favorite candle scent? I love any type of fall scent, but think apple cinnamon is my favorite during the fall season, as it brings back so many happy memories.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Tea, all the way.  The only way I drink coffee is if it’s loaded with all kinds of sugary syrups which I am trying to avoid, LOL.  I do also LOVE a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold fall/winter day, and please, feel free to add some peppermint schnapps!

What is the best fall memory you have? I’m not sure if I can pinpoint a specific memory.  But I do relate the crunching of leaves under my feet, to much simpler times when I was a child walking home from school, feeling the crisp wind on my face and not having a care in the world.

Best fragrance for fall? I’ve worn the same perfume for 20 years…Romance by Ralph Lauren.

Favourite Thanksgiving food? Turkey, turkey, ALL the turkey.  I love Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends enjoying good food.

Most worn sweater? I’m not a big sweater person, but do have a grey one I love.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles? Both.  All day, every day.

Favorite type of pie? For Fall?  Pumpkin….or Pecan…or Apple…yikes, I have issues.

What is autumn weather like where you live? Crisp and fragrant filled with all the yummy fall smells of leaves and fireplaces.

Which make-up trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged liner? Less is more, ladies.  Please.  Embrace your natural beauty.  I wear a little powder, blush, eye liner and mascara.  I’d rather keep it simple.

What song really gets you into the fall spirit? Hmmmm….Counting Crows comes to mind, no idea why.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? I do love me a good pumpkin spice latte…but see above…LOL

Favorite fall TV show? Once Upon a Time

Skinny jeans or leggings? Both!  Love skinny jeans with a long top or sweater, and I also pair leggings with dresses and sweaters.

Combat boots or Uggs? Combat boots, please.  Uggs are UGLY.

Halloween – yay or nay? Meh…I could do without it except my youngest daughter LOVES Halloween.

Fall mornings or evenings? Neither.  Dark in the morning and dark in the evenings get me depressed, quick.

What do you think about Black Friday? It’s stupid, chaotic, and I avoid it at all costs.  It TRULY sucks any sort of holiday spirit from me, so I shop early, or online.

One fall 2015 trend you love? Skinny jeans and tall boots.  I have a sickness weakness for boots. Maybe it’s the military girl in me, or maybe it’s because I can pick whichever ones I want to wear…either way, it’s one of the few things I love about cooler temps.

Ok, I am going to tag a few pages to play along but don’t feel any pressure what so ever to participate.  This was just something to do for fun!!  ❤

A Momma’s View

Jess Runs Happy

When the kids go to bed

Pipers Run

What are some of your favorite things about fall?

Happy Friday!


36 Comments on “Fall Favorites

  1. Definitely getting out the sweaters, leggings and boots again. In south Texas… we don’t always get to enjoy them so much. I too love foody smelling candles like apples and cinnamon, or cider… things like that. And there really is nothing like that first crisp, snappy fall morning to make you feel amazing =)


  2. How fun is this!! If I get some spare time I’ll share my answers 🙂 And I’m with you on the depression about how dark it is all the time in the mornings and evenings. Give me bright summer sun any day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great list…and great answers Michelle! Love getting to know you!! 🙂
    By the way I will be MIA for ten days as we’re heading over to Europe tonight!
    ‘See’ ya when I return! XOXOX

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  4. This is fun! My favorite memory of fall is building leaf houses with my sisters. I grew up in the country and we had tons of trees, hence tons of leaves! And this was in the days before people used blowers to clean up the leaves. We used a rake. No wonder people are getting fatter…lol…

    I still love running in the fall, with the leaves crunching under my feet.


  5. This is fun! Completely gets us in Fall spirit!
    I’m glad your daughter loves Halloween though because it’s sooooo fun! Lol! Share with us her costume and stuff when she dresses up!


  6. Haha,i have a weakness for boots too but I have to say I love my Uggs. They may be ugly, but they are so warm and comfy!!

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